Creative Writing

Creative writing on our website is defined as any type of writing that does not normally fall under the category of academic assignments, business or letter writing. Here are some types of creative writing that might relate to you:


• You have decided to look back at your life and write an autobiography for your descending generations.


• You have always carried a few ideas for a screenplay or a book in your mind, but never had the determination to actually become a writer, and now, more than ever, you feel the desire to finally give it a shot.


• You have finished an important research project at work and are asked to write an article summarizing your findings to be published in a specialized journal.


All these situations require an individual approach and knowledge of specific peculiarities of the selected type of writing. We are here to get you started by pointing you in the right direction, as well as to show real examples of the best works to get you inspired with your own writing and successfully send your message across to your future readers.


When it comes to creative writing, it is usually a bit of a challenge, not just because of the creative ideas you need to base your writing on. In fact, creativity is seldom the biggest problem for people who do not consider themselves as professional writers. It is the organization of the writing process, as well as sticking to the general writing form and balancing stylistic techniques that many people find particularly challenging when attempting to write their first book, article or screenplay, for example.


Despite there being no general rules when it comes to creative writing, since there are no exact rights and wrongs, it will be of great help to get acquainted with some basic writing tips—the dos and don’ts of different creative writing tasks. Take a look at the guides we have prepared and consider our professional experts’ advice when composing your first writing masterpiece.

How to Write a Song

A song is a unique genre which has its own approaches, and involves talents of a slightly different nature in comparison to writing a poem.…

Highest rate 525 4.3 /5

How to Write a Novel

A novel is a work of narrative prose that tells a story of one or several characters; it can be either fictitious or based on…

Highest rate 568 5 /5

How to Write Haiku

Haiku, also known as hokku, is a unique poetry genre. As a dominating lyrical genre, it was founded in the 17th century by Matsuo Basho.…

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How to Prepare an Interview

The main goal of most interviews is to create an informational product. This is one of the most common ways of gathering information, and it…

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How to Write a Travelogue

A travelogue is a person’s account of a journey to another country or place. It can either be a written report with many factual details…

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How to Write a Memoir

A memoir is a literary genre that entails writing about previous events in your life such as certain life lessons, fascinating stories, miraculous recoveries or…

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How to Write a Poem

In a broad sense, a poem is an organization of speech into a form that uses rhythm, symbols, and metaphors to create a mood or…

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How to Write a Short Story

A short story is a genre of prose, normally composed in a narrative manner, which is smaller than a novel and usually has only one…

Highest rate 744 3.8 /5

How to Write an Article

Articles are generally defined as short pieces of writing of a non-fiction nature. They are used widely in journalism, creative writing, publishing, and online. When…

Highest rate 621 5 /5

How to Write a Screenplay

A screenplay is a creative piece of writing upon which a film or television program is based. It carries all the words spoken by the…

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How to Write a Book

It is impossible to write a book without being armed with a set of essential tools. These are experience, ability, and material. Experience means that…

Highest rate 412 5 /5

How to Write an Autobiography

“Autobiography” is a word that might confuse some people. Biography means the story of someone’s life. “Auto” means about oneself: so the word means the…

Highest rate 564 5 /5