Letter Writing

Letter writing calls for a certain tone depending on the degree of formality in the relationship between you and the recipient. Each form of letter has specific restrictions, a unique structure and a stylistic form that are to be strictly followed if you want to get your message across and convey an impression of a polite and organized person. A single letter can tell so much about its author that one should think twice before sending the first composition of an email or sealing an envelope with a sketchy draft only slightly resembling a letter.


There are specific types of formal, semi-formal and informal letters, each requiring the use of particular phrases and clauses. When it comes to creative writing or academic work, it is best to be as original and unique as possible. But with academic letter writing, it works the opposite way. It’s about the form and the formulation just as much as it is about the actual content. It is in fact a sign of correct tone and civility to use certain established expressions in your letter writing.


• Have you been struggling to compose a sound and impressive job application letter in response to an advertisement of a vacancy you saw in a magazine?

• Or do you need to write a polite and respectful letter explaining to your boss, in the best possible way, why you cannot attend their wedding?

• Or do you want to inquire about the university program you read about in a brochure, but don’t really know how to properly write a semi-formal transaction letter?


There is no reason to panic and pull your hair out. We have prepared a set of detailed, yet concise and laconic guides that you can quickly learn from. You will find specific tips for letter writing, advice to consider and mistakes to avoid, as well as particular set phrases and expressions to use on any given occasion. Once you read through the guides, check out our samples of properly written formal and informal letters for various occasions. With these professional, free letter writing guides, you will quickly learn all you need to know about writing a perfect letter of your own.

Good luck!

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