Free Business Writing Samples and Examples

Duties and Responsibilities

To: Norman Wates CC: Lucia Saranton, Arnold Weissberger Subject Line: Duties and Responsibilities Hi Norman, I am James Dean, your new project manager. First of … Continue reading

GoldenRatio Gyms Advertising Brochure

Surprisingly, but the majority of people willing to change their lives name the gym among the first points in their to-do lists. It is absolutely … Continue reading

Literary Cafe – Business Plan Proposal – Free Sample

Business Description Readster is a small literary café, the first of its kind in Queenstown. The main idea is to combine two activities which people … Continue reading

Coaching Company – Business Proposal (unsolicited) – Free Sample

Cover Letter (…) MadeMen is a company which offers its services in coaching and personnel training. We provide our clients with educational courses based on … Continue reading

A Cover Letter for Artworks Portfolio – Business Writing – Free Sample

Warren Hayes 13 Chestnut Ave. Arcata, CA, 95521 555-166-095-124 September 23, 2013 Jane Wilson Curator ARTcata Gallery 112 Salmon Lane. Arcata, CA, 95521 Dear … Continue reading

CoverYourAsset Insurance Company – Business Writing – Free Sample

If you live in the USA, you must have dealt with numerous insurance companies. There is always a brochure or two in your mailbox. If … Continue reading

Candy Flutes Studio – Brochure – Free Sample

What associations spring to mind when you think about composing music? Perhaps, you start thinking about Mozart, Beethoven, Paganini, and other great composers of the … Continue reading

Assignment Changes – Business Writing – Free Sample

To: Stewart Random CC: Alice McNeill Subject Line: Assignment Changes Hi Stewart, I know it is starting to look like a complete mess, but the … Continue reading

Columnist at Frogments Magazine – Cover Letter – Free Sample

Kenny O’Brien 235 Kensington St. Chicago, Illinois 019183 555-145-456-123 21st of July, 2013 Kevin Anderson Human Resources Advisor Frogments Magazine 221 Baker Ave. Chicago, … Continue reading

Applying for the Position of Social Media Expert

Perry Cellar 278346 Wayward St. Chicago, Illinois, 019183 (222) 454-9098 23rd of April, 2012 Barbara Wishers Human Resources Advisor Social Editing 87364 Squider Ave. … Continue reading

Book Reviewer at Greenland Books

Nicholas Klafanski 23656 113th Ave. Seattle, WA, 98177 (444) 676-9899 June 20th, 2013 June Miller Supervisor Greenland Books 18187 March St. Seattle, WA, 98102 … Continue reading

Business Report Sample

Name: John Dow Title: Head of Research and Planning Department Company: Pierce, Morgan & Stanley, Ltd. Address: 113 Warrington Road, Silverton, OR 97381 Phone: 555-574-189-001 … Continue reading

Newsletter Sample

News Which Will Make Your Day! We are glad to inform you that after the final round of the lottery carried out by our company, … Continue reading

White Paper Sample

Have you ever wanted, as a professional writer, to pay for a personal editor and social media expert in one package? Usually, these two activities … Continue reading

Brochure Sample

Free brochure sample: losing weight. Read to understand how to write your own brochure sample. Continue reading

Meeting Minutes Sample

Free meeting minutes sample: regional managers. Read to understand how to write your own meeting minutes sample. Continue reading

Business Email Sample

Free business email sample: Improvement of Survey. Read to understand, learn how to write your own business email. Continue reading

Progress Report Sample

Free Progress Report Sample: Midnight Bookstores. Read to understand how to write your own progress report. Continue reading

Business Proposal Sample

Request From Buyer: Snohomish Elementary School District We are in need of a diligent afterschool chess curriculum taught by advanced-level players that would compliment the … Continue reading

Meeting Agenda Sample

Free Meeting Agenda Sample: Amendments and Goals. Read to learn how to write your own meeting agenda sample. Continue reading

Business Proposal Sample

Free example Business Proposal online. Free Business Proposal example for students. Read the following sample to know how to create a good business proposal. Continue reading

Business Report Sample

Name: Thomas Anderson Title: Head of Research and Planning Department Company: Diner Obese, Inc. Address: 311 South Chestnut Drive, Silverton, OR 97381 Phone: 555-758-332-134 Email: … Continue reading

White Paper Sample

You have considered numerous occupations, worked at different jobs, and finally found your destination – you decided to become a graphic designer. Of course, your … Continue reading

Newsletter Sample

Great news! Our company won the grand prix in the annual contest “New Advertising: 2013” in the category of Company of the Year. For us, this … Continue reading

Brochure Sample

Page 1 What do you know about Nepal? Perhaps, most people would say that it is a South Asian country with a strong sense of … Continue reading

Progress Report Sample

Date: January 4th, 2013 To: Gordon MacLeish From: Andrew Williams, Head of the Publicity Department Subject: Advertisement Plan for the Hotel and Resort Center Green … Continue reading

Meeting Agenda Sample

Objective: To discuss the company budget for March, determine what corrections should be made, and assign persons to be responsible for enhancing and modernizing the … Continue reading

Business Email Sample

To: Andrew O’Donnell CC: Martin Smith Subject: Your Job Promotion Dear Mr. O’Donnell, For the period of time that you have been working on SFTWare, … Continue reading

Meeting Minutes Sample

Board Meeting Meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm, February 23, 2013, at the management office meeting room. Attendees Present: William Reginald Jason Smith … Continue reading

Press-release Sample

The Psychological Center at the NGO “Trust”, on January 10, will hold a seminar on the topic, “Introversion and Extroversion: Know Thyself” for all people … Continue reading