Hello, it’s Sunday and we’re effortlessly cruising through August! A robust applause if you’re in the middle of your weekend tasks, and a virtual thumbs-up if you’re among the blessed ones relishing a day of leisure. Whether you’re gearing up for a busy day or foreseeing a tranquil one, why not jumpstart your morning with a steaming cup of coffee and a session of Wordle? And if you’re still wrestling with the lingering traces of sleep, don’t fret – we’re here to provide the answer.

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Here’s the scoop on Wordle: each day, it poses a seemingly straightforward challenge to its wide range of players – can you decode the five-letter word within a mere six attempts? Your only resources are the hints you derive from each guess – and let’s be honest, that’s frequently not enough. Wordle can be a real puzzle, and it’s totally fine to seek a little help, especially if you’re aiming to sustain that year-long winning streak.

In this guide, we’re going to divulge some Wordle strategies to help you triumph over today’s puzzle for Sunday, August 6. And if you scroll down slightly, we’ll disclose today’s Wordle solution for 6/8, along with a definition of the word, just in case you’re curious.

Wordle hints: Your cheat sheet for today’s game on 6/8

Each day, we create a fresh array of Wordle hints to aid you in cracking the puzzle. Why not challenge yourself with our clues and see if you can decipher the enigma before sneaking a peek at the answer? Let’s assess how much of the puzzle you can assemble independently!

What is the Wordle hint today?

 This word stands for a small, simple, tube-shaped water animal. 

What’s the first letter of today’s Wordle?

The first letter of today’s Wordle is a P.

What’s the last letter of today’s Wordle?

The last letter of today’s Wordle is a P.

How many vowels are there in today’s Wordle?

There is 1 vowel in today’s Wordle word.

Are there any double letters in today’s Wordle?

There are 4 unique letters in today’s Wordle.

Still caught up in today’s Wordle? Don’t stress, we’re here to lend a hand. A little more scrolling and you’ll find today’s Wordle solution. We’re entirely dedicated to helping you maintain that victory streak, and we’ll also offer a concise definition of the word. You’re on the brink, keep going!

Wordle Hint

What’s the Wordle answer for August 6? 

Prepared to unveil today’s Wordle for August 6? Let’s dive right in! And the Wordle word of the day is POLYP.

And if you’ve solved it without any help, that’s genuinely commendable! Feel free to pat yourself on the back for a job superbly done. You’ve certainly earned it.

What does today’s Wordle answer mean? 

A “polyp” is a term used in biology and medicine. In biology, it refers to a type of simple aquatic, sessile (non-moving) animal such as a sea anemone or coral. These animals have a body shaped like a tube and a mouth that is surrounded by tentacles.

In medicine, a polyp refers to an abnormal growth of tissue projecting from a mucous membrane. Polyps can occur in various parts of the body, such as the nose, uterus, or colon, and while they are usually benign (non-cancerous), some can become malignant (cancerous).

The word “polyp” comes from the Latin “polypus”, which in turn is derived from the Greek “πολύπους” (polypous), meaning ‘many-footed’. The term was used in ancient times to refer to the octopus, due to its many tentacles, and was later applied to these biological and medical phenomena due to their physical resemblance to the octopus.


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