Hello Wordle players! Stuck on today’s five-letter word? A new Wordle comes every day. You can guess six times.

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After each guess, you get clues. Wordle isn’t always easy. Lots of people want to win just like you!

Let’s look at the hints for Wordle on Sunday, August 20. Hold on, we’ll share the answer in a little while.

Wordle hints: Your cheat sheet for today’s game on 20/8

Every day, we pick Wordle hints for you. Try using our clues before checking the answer. Try the puzzle and see how much you can figure out alone!

What is the Wordle hint today?

This word stands for the process of searching for something.

What’s the first letter of today’s Wordle?

The first letter of today’s Wordle is a Q.

What’s the last letter of today’s Wordle?

The last letter of today’s Wordle is a T.

How many vowels are there in today’s Wordle?

There are 2 vowels in today’s Wordle word.

Are there any double letters in today’s Wordle?

There are 5 unique letters in today’s Wordle.

Stuck on today’s Wordle? No worries, we’re here to help. Just scroll down a bit for the answer. We’re here to support you. We’ll make the solution easy to understand. Hang on, you’re close to the answer!

Wordle Hint

What’s the Wordle answer for August 20? 

Ready to solve the Wordle for August 20? Let’s uncover it! And the Wordle word of the day is QUEST.

Awesome work if you solved the puzzle on your own! Take a moment to feel good and high-five yourself. This win proves you’ve got skills!

What does today’s Wordle answer mean? 

The word “quest” generally refers to a long or arduous search for something or a pursuit to achieve a specific goal. In literature and stories, a quest often denotes a journey undertaken by a hero to accomplish a particular mission or task.

The origin of “quest” can be traced back to the Latin word “quaerere,” which means “to ask” or “to seek.” From Latin, it transitioned into Old French as “queste,” which then entered Middle English retaining the same form, “queste.” Over time, it was shortened to “quest” in Modern English. The term’s evolution in meaning also transitioned from simply “to ask” or “a question” to a broader interpretation, encapsulating the idea of searching or journeying for something significant.


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