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Hello Wordle fans! Puzzled by today’s 5-letter Wordle? Many share your sentiment! Remember, you get six shots. Looking for a hint?

Dive into our Wordle strategies for October 29. We’ve got your back!

Wordle hints: Your cheat sheet for today’s game on 29/10

Daily, we provide tips and guidance to help you navigate the Wordle challenge. Equip yourself beforehand, sharpen your approach, and celebrate every success!

What is the Wordle hint today?

This word can be used to describe someone pretending to be someone else.

What’s the first letter of today’s Wordle?

The first letter of today’s Wordle is a P.

What’s the last letter of today’s Wordle?

The last letter of today’s Wordle is a Y.

How many vowels are there in today’s Wordle?

There is 1 vowel in today’s Wordle word.

Are there any double letters in today’s Wordle?

There are 5 unique letters in today’s Wordle.

Confused with today’s Wordle? The solution could be just within your grasp. Hang tight – try once more before glancing at the answer. You might be closer to figuring it out than you believe!

Wordle Hint

What’s the Wordle answer for October 29? 

Uncovering the Wordle answer for October 29. Without further ado, let’s dive in! And the Wordle word of the day is PHONY.

Thanks for joining us today, and we eagerly await your presence tomorrow for another exhilarating Wordle game!

What does today’s Wordle answer mean? 

The word “phony” is an adjective that describes something as not genuine or fake. It’s often used to refer to something that is trying to appear real or authentic but isn’t. For instance, a “phony smile” might be one that is insincere or put on for show.

The origin of “phony” is somewhat uncertain. However, it’s believed to have possibly evolved from the English slang term “fawney,” which referred to a gilded brass ring that was sold as a gold ring by con artists. The word “fawney” itself came from the Irish word “fáinne,” meaning “ring.” Over time, the term might have transformed into “phony,” representing things that are deceitfully presented as genuine.


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