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We get how stressful it can be waiting for your grade when finishing an assignment. Besides, after writing tens and tens of texts, your vision becomes blurry, and it can be overwhelmingly difficult to deliver consistent and high-quality results. That is where our AI essay grader free tool comes in to save the day! If you don’t have much time or resources to painstakingly go proofreading your work, you can leave it to us. This way, you will get an outside perspective on the text and an option to focus more on those points that might be considered weak by your professor. Give it a try!
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How Our AI Essay Grader Works

At the heart of our Essay Grader AI tool is a smart algorithm designed to evaluate student essays with precision and fairness. Its interactive features help you understand your strengths and areas for improvement because it provides detailed feedback based on several key points. What are they, exactly? Well, let’s dive in.

Applied Knowledge

The AI looks at how well you understand and apply concepts from your course. It checks if you’ve integrated these ideas into your essay and added your own insights. For example, if you’re writing about climate change and use theories discussed in class, the AI will notice this, and give you tips on how to make your analysis even deeper. This way, you can show both your authentic perspective and the knowledge you acquired to secure that “A+”.

Staying on Topic

Sticking to the topic might seem simple, but in hindsight, your mind tends to drift away and it really shows in the written text. The AI checks if your content stays focused on the assigned topic and if you have a clear thesis statement. In case your essay starts to drift off-topic, the AI will point this out and suggest ways to keep it on track.

Depth of Discussion

In this part, the AI evaluates how detailed and thorough your text is in terms of discussion. It looks at the balance between your ideas and quotes from other sources. If your essay needs more personal insight or detailed analysis, the AI will let you know, and then it’s your job to give it a bit more insight.


The flow of your content is important for making it easy to read. The AI checks if your essay ties together information from different sources smoothly and if it transitions well from one point to the next. If your essay feels choppy, the AI will suggest ways to make it flow better. For example, if you are writing a text on human rights in healthcare, and then decide to randomly mention a human rights lawsuit that is in no way related – our tool will let you know, why it may not be the best idea.

Spelling and Grammar

Good spelling and grammar are key for readability. The AI features a grammar and punctuation checker that will alarm you when the readability suffers from it. This helps improve your writing skills and makes your essay clearer. Moreover, you can then use our Grammar Fixer services to really put a nail into it and fix the mistakes present in the text.


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