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Can AI Grade My Essay?

Certainly! We designed our tool with students in mind who are all too familiar with the struggle of being stressed about homework. Now, you don’t have to anxiously wait for an assessment from a professor and possibly get a worse mark than you thought. Before submitting your essay, simply run it through our Grade My Essay free service and receive a full evaluation to tweak any weaknesses that can lower your mark.
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How Will This Tool Grade My Essay?

AHelp Grade My Essay service offers a detailed and interactive approach to grading your college essays with the power of AI. How do you use it? You just submit your essay or any type of text you want evaluated and press a button. Once submitted, the tool scans your document and provides a mark on a 100-point scale – but the process doesn’t end there. The service also gives you a detailed breakdown of several key features that you might want to look into:

  • Topic focus. Evaluates how well your essay stays on topic and addresses the main question or prompt.
  • Depth of discussion. Looks at how thoroughly you explore the topic, including the complexity and detail of your arguments.
  • Integration of knowledge. Assesses how effectively you incorporate information and ideas from various sources.
  • Cohesiveness. Checks the flow of your essay, ensuring that your points logically follow one another.
  • Grammar and spelling. Identifies any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes that might detract from your essay.

Based on this comprehensive analysis, you receive a detailed report highlighting the strengths and weaknesses in your writing. The report also includes recommendations on how to address any issues identified, so that you know what to do with them.

Why Should I Try AHelp Essay Rating Tool?

Well, you only know it when you try it, obviously. Who wouldn’t want to grade my essay for free? But we can outline several advantages of integrating this service into your study routine no matter your study level. Here are some ideas on why you should give it a spin with your next written paper:

1) Improve Your Writing and Research Skills

Our services evaluate various aspects of your essay and provide valuable insights into your writing and research skills. It helps you understand how to structure your essays more logically and how to integrate arguments effectively. It guides you on how to improve your content by highlighting whether you have sufficiently covered the topic or need more research.

2) Save Time on Proofreading

The detailed overview provided by AHelp saves you the time and effort of manually proofreading your papers over and over again. The tool offers in-depth feedback on the context and structure of your essay, making it easier for you to rewrite and refine your work. Also, it points out spelling and grammatical mistakes, so that its readability doesn’t suffer in the long run.

3) Reduce Anxiety About Grading

Knowing your essay’s potential grade in advance can really ease the anxiety associated with submitting assignments. By using AHelp’s product, you can feel more confident about the quality of your content because the service provides you with an automatic grade, along with a detailed explanation of how it was determined. This gives you a clear understanding of your essay’s strengths and areas for improvement.


Is there a website that can grade my essay?

Yes, you can use AHelp Grade My Essay, one of the online services designed to evaluate your essays. It offers a detailed analysis of your writing, checking for grammar, structure, originality, and more.

Is there an AI that will grade my essay?

Absolutely! AHelp Grade My Essay uses advanced AI technology to grade your essay. The AI provides insights into various aspects of your writing, such as grammar, coherence, and critical thinking, helping you improve your skills and secure a better grade for the paper.


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