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How to Grade My Paper Free

Can AI grade my paper? Sure! And AHelp is here to…well, help you. Our team created this AI-powered service to make learning not only enjoyable but also highly productive. After you run your text through our algorithms, you will be able to see exactly where your essay needs to be polished, without spending unnecessary time on reading and re-reading it. Try it out and implement the advice into your next big paper!
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Who Can Benefit from This Essay Grader?

Are you confident that our tools don’t have anything to offer for you? Well, we think we can sway you the other way. Whether you’re a student, professor, high school teacher, or even someone in the creative writing world, there’s a lot this tool can do for you.


Imagine you’re a student with a stack of essays to write. It can feel pretty overwhelming, right? This essay grader is here to make your life easier. It checks your grammar, helps you find ways to improve, and even rates your writing on a 100-point scale. No more stressing over those tiny errors and asking “Who will grade my paper for free?”! Whether you’re writing a research paper or a simple essay, this tool is your new best friend.


For professors, giving a rating to a mountain of essays can be a time-consuming task. With this essay grader, you can speed up the process. It offers an efficient way to rate student papers, providing a quick check for grammar mistakes and overall readability. This means you can spend more time focusing on the content and less on the nitty-gritty details. It’s like having an assistant that never gets tired (and who wouldn’t want to have one?). Plus, you can provide your students with detailed feedback faster, which helps them improve their writing skills and essay format.

High School Teachers

High school teachers, you know how challenging it can be to get your students to write well. This academic tool can help you guide them, since it acts like a coach, pointing out where they need to improve. From checking punctuation to making sure the text is readable and logical, it covers all the bases. And because it’s an online tool, students can use it at home to get instant feedback. This means they’ll come to class better prepared, and you can spend more time teaching and less time correcting.

Content Writers

Even if you’re not in academia, this essay grader can be incredibly useful. Imagine you’re writing reports, blog posts, or any other type of content piece. This tool helps you polish your writing, making it clear and error-free. Although directed more towards education, this service will surely point out the mistakes you’ve made so you can polish your text and make it more enjoyable for your readers.

What Does This Tool Check?

Wondering, what kind of evaluation you will get? Our AI tool uses a smart algorithm to rating essays with fairness and accuracy. It gives detailed feedback on several important aspects to help you improve your writing, so let’s go through them one-by-one:

  • The AI checks how well you apply knowledge, understand and use concepts from your course. This is the basic point that needs to be reflected in your essay.
  • Sticking to the topic can be challenging. The AI checks if your content stays focused and has a clear thesis statement. If your essay starts to drift, it will point it out and suggest ways to stay on track, so that you get to your conclusion smoothly.
  • The AI can rate how detailed and thorough your discussion is. It looks at the balance between your ideas and quotes from other sources. If more personal insight or detailed analysis is needed, it will let you know, so you can tweak the text.
  • Smooth flow is important for readability. The AI tools check if your essay transitions well from one point to the next. If your essay feels choppy, it will suggest ways to improve the flow so that the reader won’t get confused halfway through.
  • Good spelling and grammar make your essay easy to read. Although they can seem minor, the overflow of such mistakes can really hinder the overall impression. The AI features a checker that alerts you to mistakes, helping you improve your writing skills.


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