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Have you been worrying about your grades too much lately? Well, we’ve got a solution for you! The Essay Scorer Online Free service from AHelp will provide you with a mark for your paper far in advance of the submission deadline. Just submit your work to our tool and get the analysis of your writing in terms of grammar, spelling, as well as discussion depth, focus, and structure. Receive a set of recommendations on how your essay can be improved right away and don’t worry about getting a bad grade ever again. With AHelp Essay Scorer you can stay one step ahead in the studying process.
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Essay Scorer by AHelp – Free Help for Better Grades

Have you done everything you could to boost your grades and still don’t see much of an improvement? Or do you just feel like your essay assignments could really be written better? In any case, the Free Essay Scorer platform can help you reach the academic goals you strive for.

How Essay Scorer Can Help You Write Better

The thing is, when you are writing an essay, a literature review, or a research abstract, you don’t really know whether you’ve done everything correctly. You can follow all the requirements yet still get a recommendation to work on your writing structure or vocabulary. With Essay Scorer though, you can learn about all the weak and strong points of your piece far in advance. Here’s what this tool does:

  • Analyses the grammatical correctness of text
  • Notes the focus on the topic and discussion depth
  • Evaluates the integration of used sources
  • Checks the overall readability
  • Examines structure and cohesiveness of the provided writing.

Considering the variety of aspects taken into account by the tool, you can expect to get an elaborate report on the quality of your writing alongside the general grade in the 100-point system. After you’ve read through everything, it will be an easy task to improve all the places that were noted as insufficient in your paper. This way you can make sure that a) your work follows all the initial requirements and b) doesn’t have any mistakes or inconsistencies.


How to score an essay writing?

To score your essay writing you can use an online AI-powered tool such as Free Essay Scorer by AHelp. To use the service, just submit your work to a special field and wait for the algorithms to analyze your work. After a couple of minutes, you will get a full report with a general grade for the provided text as well as a detailed breakdown of the separate aspects of the writing alongside some improvement recommendations.

What does essay score mean?

An essay score is a mark that represents the quality of your writing. Usually, it is based on the evaluation of smaller aspects of your work such as grammar, spelling, topic focus, readability, structure, cohesiveness, etc. It can be presented within different grading systems which can be 5-point, 100-point, or even 200-point. AHelp Essay Scorere will give you an essay score in a 100 maximum grade system, presenting you an evaluation that takes into account all the previously mentioned criteria.

Is 4 a good essay score?

This depends on the grading system used for rating the essay. If it is a 5-point system, then yes, 4 is actually a good score to get for your writing. If it is on the 100-point scale, then no, this score can’t be considered good.


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