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Natalia Williams asked 5 years ago

Dear reader,
                     I hope that you receive this note in good health. I am writing this in hope to get some help with my cause and effect essays. I’m a 14 year old student who has just started homeschooling. My first topic that I must learn in English is Cause and Effect essays and to be frank, I’m very confused.
                     I’m starting with the topic of alcoholism and I want to know if you could list some causes and effects of alcoholism. I’m especially confused on if the causes must tie into the effects. For example: a cause of alcoholism is stress so therefore do i need to state the effect of stress? I would think that the cause of alcoholism is stress and the effect of stress is to drink? It’s all very confusing for me especially since I don’t have anyone to guide me.
                     Also, I read an essay on this website titled “Causes of Divorce” and as I read through it, I was able to pinpoint all the causes of course but no effects. Were there any effects in that essay at all? If there are effects, may you please point them out to me? Thank you very much in advance.

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Nicholas Staff answered 5 years ago

You are right about that divorce essay. It is more of an expository essay. We have changed its category.

This website will help you get to know the causes and effects of alcoholism:

The cause is how someone becomes alcoholic, and the effects are what happens when someone is alcoholic. I hope that is clear.


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