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published October 24, 2017 - updated January 11, 2018
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AvatarDanica asked 6 years ago

Hi, I need help with an english assignment.
We need to write a hybrid text that includes a narrative as the main component. I have the ideas for the story so far but I don’t know how to progress the plot. If you could give me some ideas and tips that would be very helpful, thank you.
This is how it is so far: 
Fremantle’s always bitterly cold, even in early February when you’re surrounded by 200 other resolute young men and their sobbing families. Still cold. It was 6 AM, or 0600 depending on who you asked. The morning sun hid behind a thick, choking layer of somber clouds which cast the entire dock in a mournful shadow. Silently, I stood next to my father; my only next of kin while he started a conversation with the local pastor. I hated my father for forcing me into the war. Absolutely resented him. There was nothing I could do though, he was the only family I had.  “Is your boy in the war too? May God have mercy on him.” What use is God in a guaranteed death sentence?
It was our call to sign in, after three dilatory hours of waiting and being forced to watch distraught families being ripped apart from their precious husbands, fathers and sons.

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NicholasNicholas Staff answered 6 years ago

Most plots center on a character, and his or her development. Create a convex character, and then you will have a strong story and plot. The character should not only be a trigger for what will happen. The character should and plot should be intertwined in a such a way that they become one. It is best the outline your characters’ characteristics before drafting.


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