Me and Myself

🔥 published February 26, 2018 - updated April 19, 2018
AvatarUzair Abbas asked 5 years ago

It is my assignment.The topic is ‘me and myself’
can you please suggest me about what I should write? 

2 Answers
NicholasNicholas Staff answered 5 years ago

It sounds like you will be writing about your different personal traits and personality. Check the assignment details with your teacher to be sure.

AvatarMark Carlton answered 5 years ago

The topic Me and Myself seems quite weird. Perhaps, the assignment details may clarify the situation. What are they? Anyway, if I would have to write about myself, I’d start about my childhood. Especially, my hobbies and childish dreams.
Some of my memoirs and essay writing articles have something in common, and I see that style of mine. Perhaps, if you could see your own style, and show an example.


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