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Which nursing I can do… with wto masters from east europe, EU
I am 35 years old and was born, brought up and educated in Slovakia and first insight into medical work I have seen on my parents, who devoted doctors are in own country.  I have lived in Scotland, where two of my siblings also reside, since April 2016.  Prior to this, I spent three years working and studying in Germany.  I speak English, German and my native Slovakian, and hold two Master’s Degrees in Social Work and Public Health, and Management, and a Doctorate in Social Policy.
I am an active person with a variety of interests outside my professional life. I have a keen interest in sports such as cycling and skiing and am an active member of my local gym. I also like to travel around Europe and have actually cycled the length of Portugal’s west coast, a distance of 1800 km.
Taking into account my academic studies and practical work, I have completed 15 years of study into the practices and procedures of social welfare in different countries. For the most part, I carried out project management for vulnerable people, who required social inclusion. I completed several placements, which were focused on community work for people with learning difficulties in both Scotland and Slovakia. The services users I worked with had many and varied backgrounds and I found it useful to learn about their experiences and consequent needs.
 For example, I worked with victims of the holocaust. As a student nurse in Germany, I gained insight into the requirements of personal care standards for vulnerable people, mainly in hospital settings. This was similar to the experiences I learned from during my work with BUPA in 2006.
During the social work studies and nursing studies I was responsible for checking each resident’s needs and progress. I provided physical care, which included bathing, toileting, dressing and feeding. In many of my placements and during voluntary work as well I was involved in providing leisure and creative activities for vulnerable people.
During my employment with Caritas Slovakia, I was involved in the project focused on quality of the social providers in Belgium, Poland, Bohemia and Slovakia, where there were different providers for different service users. I organised seminar for directors of the company, with the principal aim of improving the quality of care services in care units with better co- financing.
My final thesis entitled “ The Analysis of  the Operating Costs Utilisation  in Residential Care Homes” whilst studying at Faculty of Management at Comenius University in Bratislava, was instrumental in enabling me to clearly understand the problems of operating costs in the practical field of provided social services.
During my studies, and especially during my first Master’s Degree, I took part in many seminars and conferences focused on demographic trends, on our rights and responsibilities, and on the dignity of human beings. I participated in a project entitled “Dignity of Elderly Europeans”, where I  led discussion groups and was involved in processing and evaluating data, and thereafter presenting results, in an effort to change social policy in EU countries.
As part of my own career development, I worked on improving my communication skills by being a teacher, mentor, and tutor at the Faculty of Social Work in Bratislava; as a Project Manager in governmental and non-governmental bodies; a capacity builder for organising seminars and conferences and as a volunteer for small charitable organisations.
My first working position as a Project Manager at the Ministry of Social Affairs in Bratislava involved managing two operational programmes – “Employment and Social Inclusion” and “Human Resources”. Both operational programmes focused strongly on social inclusion of all young people to become active members of society and to facilitate easier entry into the labour market. The priority lines with horizontal lines mainly focused on augmentation of economic productivity, value added quality of innovation, research, and science.
During the reporting phase of a project, I learned to be systematic and well organised in order to produce documents, which defined and analysed a subject, included the record of a sequence, provided accurate interpretation and evaluation of the significance of the facts and the results of research, discussion of the rationale of a decision or course of action and finished with conclusions and recommendations.
The reason why I am applying for the study programme is, that I enjoy work with people, to support their challenges to live more independently in the communities, to promote choice and inclusion, to advocate for them where appropriate, and to support them to engage in the activities that promote their satisfaction and wellbeing.
Although I understand that nursing can be a very demanding profession I feel it can also be a very satisfying one where you have the chance to enhance people’s lives during their times of need. After all the hard work I put into my degree course and training I look forward to being rewarded with a exciting career that will give me excellent benefits, flexible working practices and plenty of scope for progression.
The first insight into value of voluntary work I achieved during my youth, as a scout, which is good benefit for understanding support work. I fully understand, that time management, prevention and knowing own personality is basic knowledge for this type of work.
I firmly believe, that every person is entitled to be treated with respect, regardless of their background, ethnic origin, culture, believes or disabilities. I endeavour to ensure that I do not attach labels of prejudices to any person I met and I understand that person is an individual, with their own experiences and requirements. Having left my native country and lived in several other European countries and observe their culture, prejudices and ways of living, I am determined to ensure that I continue to treat others as I myself expected to be treated.
It is my intension to settle permanently in Scotland and integrate into the way of life here. I am single female with no dependants. I have a full driving licence and own my own car. I have no personal responsibilities, which would conflict with working variable shift patterns, or in different locations, or indeed at short notice is required

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