Short Story Ideas: Which is the better of the two?

published October 10, 2017 - updated October 10, 2017
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AvatarHansen Zhang asked 6 years ago

So I have a short story due soon, and I just wanted some insight on which you think is the better of the two story idea/ plot:

  1. A man is traversing through some sort or rigorous climate and survives all the most difficult feats, then only to die at the end because he is so famished that he attempts to eat too much at once and chokes to death.
  2. A boy has a very good and genuine friend. But he hates the friend because he is extremely depressed. he grows annoyed towards friend for constantly asking him if he is OK or needs some assistance. The friend wants nothing but the best for the boy and only does this because he cares for him. While the boy–deep down–does actually want someone to keep him from being alone but is too afraid to admit it. The friend ends up dying in a car accident and the boy realizes what he has lost and the life opportunities he has passed up.

The first is more satirical and darkly comedic while the latter explores a much darker, morale universe and leaves off on a more sorrowful note. I need some honest intuition 

1 Answers
NicholasNicholas Staff answered 6 years ago

I feel the second one has more potential, as it has complexities. In the first one, the story arch is kind of cut and dry. Stories need subtleties–they should not be black and white, or without any real tension. Also, it seems the second one is more fleshed out


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