Tips about persuasive essay topics about tourism

published October 19, 2017 - updated January 11, 2018
QuestionsCategory: Writing AssignmentsTips about persuasive essay topics about tourism
AvatarJahongir asked 6 years ago

Good morning . Could you tell me possible  good persuasive tourism topics  
and possible excellent thesis statement ?

1 Answers
NicholasNicholas Staff answered 6 years ago

Some topics could be:

1. The best place to travel for vacation in Asia.
2. You should travel as much as you can before having children.
3. Everyone should visit Ukraine at least once in their lives.
4. You don’t need tourism agencies: you can easily arrange a tour by yourself.
5. Most of the famous tourism spots in the US are overrated.

An example of a thesis statement:

Ukraine is a must-see tourism destination due to its excellent cuisine, its rich history, and its spectacular natural beauty.


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