Loosing Hope After Trying to Become a Software Developer for 2 Years

Loosing Hope After Trying to Become a Software Developer for 2 Years

"It feels so hopeless. I have been trying to become a software developer for 2 years now. University is too expensive for me and bootcamp I was planning to go to went bankrupt few days ago. 

His Path Started with C++ but followed a few more changes of languages before starting with CSS.

"Initially I've started with C++. Didn't like it so much so switched to Python. Did not like the syntax so switched to C sharp. Loved it, taught myself up to OOP until I realised it's lot easier to find a job if I go into web development. I started doing the Odin project and i am only at the stage where I learn CSS and the landing page."

“The majority of C# jobs are in web development, and it's a very popular choice all around the world. I know for certain that it's popular in the UK. You'll sometimes see them use the term ASP.NET, which is the web app framework for C#. So you can just keep doing C# if you want.”

Having noticed a discouragement of such extent, Redditors decided to help, saying that sticking with C# is probably the best idea

Others shared how it takes time before you get comfortable with it and stop stressing over even simple tasks, encouraging OP to stay on track

Everybody feels that way about CSS. Even veterans with decades of experience. I certainly do. It's extremely finicky, which is why I generally just use a CSS framework like Bootstrap to make my life easier. So don't let that stop you. You don't have to be perfect at it. AI isn't going to replace programmers any time soon despite what the clickbait industry is saying. So don't worry about that.”

The general consensus among all Reddit users was that yes, finding a job when you are a self-taught specialist is challenging but not impossible

If you are an aspiring programmer, who enjoys the work, you should not be afraid and discouraged by occasional failures. 

"Your goal shouldn’t be a good software developer, it should be “to be a better software developer”. There is no ceiling and the further you swim the larger you recognize the ocean is.”