Netflix’s ‘You Are What You Eat’ Shows

Vegan Diet Leads to Better Sex, Longer Life, Healthier Heart 

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The Stanford research, juxtaposed whole-food plant-based diets against omnivorous diets including meat, dairy, and other animal products. 

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Health implications

Key findings revealed that participants on vegan diets exhibited lower levels of LDL cholesterol, insulin, and body weight, all critical markers for cardiovascular health.

The research results,  along with longevity considerations, suggest that most of us would benefit from a more plant-based diet.


Christopher Gardner, lead author of the study,

Inside ‘You Are What You Eat’

The documentary critically evaluates the Standard American Diet, labeled as “SAD” by Gardner, highlighting its unhealthy reliance on processed foods,.

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Notable nutritionist Michael Greger emphasized the significance of diet, comparing the cancer risks of processed meats to those of smoking and plutonium exposure.

Daniel Humm, who revolutionized his New York eatery Eleven Madison Park with a predominantly plant-based menu, contributed to the docuseries. 

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“The last five years have brought rapid changes to food quality and availability,”,  Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Dietary Chnages: Post-Experiment

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01 Most twins, even pesketerians/omnivores, has notably declined meat consumption

02 One twin, Charlie, has transitioned nearly completely to vegetarian diet 

03 A vegan diet was linked to increased life expectancy, reduced visceral fat and heart disease risk, and enhanced sexual drive

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-Christopher Gardner -

“Rethinking our food choices can address numerous issues harming us and our planet”

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After diving into the fascinating insights from Netflix’s ‘You Are What You Eat’, it’s clear that there’s so much more to talk about than just what we put on our plates.

And if you’re curious like I am you’ll find these essay topics super engaging. They’re not just for those who love science or care about health; they’re for anyone interested in how the food we eat touches every part of our lives.

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Discuss the Series and Healthy Eating in an Essay

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Topic Area



Health Benefits

Nutrition Science

Environ-mental Impact

The Impact of Vegan Diets on Cardiovascular Health

 How vegan diets influence heart disease risk factors like cholesterol and blood pressure.

Comparing Nutritional Values: Vegan vs. Omnivore Diets

Analyzing the nutritional completeness and deficiencies in vegan diets compared to omnivorous diets.

Assessing the Environmental Footprint of Vegan Diets

The environmental benefits and potential drawbacks of widespread adoption of vegan diets.