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We are glad to inform you that after the final round of the lottery carried out by our company, which took place on the 21st of October, you were proclaimed a winner! You took second place. You are afforded a new MacBook 5.

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✅ AI Essay Writer ✅ AI Detector ✅ Plagchecker ✅ Paraphraser
✅ Summarizer ✅ Citation Generator

To receive your prize, you can come to one of our company offices and confirm your identity. You will also have to pay a tax at the rate of 5% from the cost of the price of the MacBook 5, which is $22.

Make sure to take your prize in 14 days starting from the date when you received this letter. In case you do not retrieve it after this term expires, your prize will be returned to the prize pool, and will be used in the next round of our lottery. If you have serious reasons that prevent you from retrieving the prize (illness, departure from the country, disability, etc.), call our support service and inform us about your circumstances. We promise you we will find a decision suitable for you!

Thank you for choosing our company!

Check Out Our New Discount Proposals!

You have been our loyal client for 3 years, and our company is interested in our long-lasting and productive relationship with you. Therefore, our online store would like to offer you a 15% discount on the products listed below:

– lawn mower
– tin snips
– perforator
– secateurs
– garden lights (20 pc.)
– roof tile – $ per 1 square meter
– graphite for walkways – $ per 1 bag

* Prices already include a discount

What Do You Think About..?

We constantly strive to make the cooperation with our clients more efficient and comfortable to be able to fully meet their requirements. Therefore, we would like to offer you a short questionnaire about our company and the services it provides. Please answer all questions.

1. Are you satisfied with the quality of our services?
* Yes, I think you are doing great!
* Mostly, but you could do better.
* No, your company disappoints me.
————————— (describe why you are dissatisfied with our services)
2. Does the assortment of products presented on our online store meet your requirements?
* Yes, I know I can always find what I need on your website.
* Sometimes I can’t buy what I need because the product is absent or sold.
* You desperately need to widen the range of products you sell.
3. What do you think about our support service?
* I enjoyed working with your support team.
* Sometimes I don’t find your support team useful.
* Rude and unprofessional personnel.
4. How do you like our pricing?
* Reasonable prices for quality products.
* Sometimes the price does not meet the quality or purpose of a product.
* Very expensive! Why set such exorbitant prices?
5. Are you planning to use our services in future?
* Absolutely! I am completely satisfied with your services.
* Maybe, depends on the improvements you make.
* No, I am not interested in your services anymore.

Opt out or Contact us anytime. See our Privacy Notice

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