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Haiku and Meditation

(Haiku is a Japanese style of poetry considered to be the smallest genre of poetry in the world. Traditionally, it is written in 17 syllables, uses a seasonal reference, and employs the juxtaposition of two images to create an effect…

The Most Memorable Experience in My Life

Since I am a high school student, somebody might say I have my entire life ahead of me, with all of its beautiful experiences. But despite being so young, I already have a personal breath-taking experience, which I am sure…

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How to Write a Grant Application

A grant application, sometimes referred to as a grant proposal, is a type of document one writes to receive funding for a project, business idea, or production renovation. The aim of a successful grant application is to prove that your…

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A tanka is a form of poetry from Japan, using only 5 lines of 5-7-5-7-7 syllables respectively. Tanka usually express emotions about a lover or a type of longing. They can use metaphors, unlike haiku. Tanka in English do not…

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Informal Letter Sample

Hey Sis, It was so wonderful to hear from you and to know that you have enjoyed your honeymoon abroad. I am thrilled to share my own vacation experience with you, since I know you, of all people, love to…

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Master’s Degree in Theoretical Mathematics

My focus on theoretical mathematics began after I received my B.A. in Writing from The Evergreen State College. My introduction to the subject was when, after one and half years after receiving my B.A., I vied to explain limits and…

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Hello, Can you please tell me weather we can write about the facts, Eg : If the phd work is on liver disorder and I have seen my dad suffer of the same and we have lost him because of…

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