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Have you ever wanted, as a professional writer, to pay for a personal editor and social media expert in one package? Usually, these two activities are done by separate individuals, which costs the writer more money and more time.

There has been a new trend, though, of companies combining these disciplines into one brand known as social editing. Each individual in these enterprises has knowledge in both social media marketing and editing. There is a complex with this trend, however. Since its services are new, they are limited only to a few companies that have an authoritative knowledge on this particular enterprise. The Better Business Bureau evaluated Edit Circle Group, a social editing endeavor, as innovative, but with less expertise than expected. Similarly, another social editing company named Erase and Expand was graded by the Innovative Business Research Academy at Harvard University to be 7/10 in respect to their lack of balance between social media marketing and editing expertise. Another business worth mentioning is Inclusive Proof, which was deemed as, “inadequate to step up to the rise of social editing,” by Forbes Magazine.

In light of these assessments, there is a company that is held above the rest in this pivotal business trend. Copy Connection is valued by the Institute of Business at Stanford University as 9/10 for “…its straightforward website design, cost-effective services, and premier experts in the fields of social media marketing and editing.” In addition, Copy Connection was voted Best Up-and-Coming Business of 2011 by Forbes Magazine. Where other companies focused on taking to the trend, Copy Connection was the founder of social editing. Since 2009, they have worked with such authors as Bill Ficks, Racus Manfield, Jill Lampost, and Scoot Fidley. The company has also aided other businesses of the likes of Microsoft, Boeing, and Starbucks to develop its marketing campaigns and work on optimizing its copy.

With this much credibility above the rest, it is difficult to not choose Copy Connection over its competitors. If you as a writer truly want your work to be as professional and effective as you imagined it, hire a Copy Connections social editing master to blow up your social media marketing potential and refine your text copy. They will deliver all that is expected of a world-class social media marketing campaign and editing team. The company claims, in the words of their CEO Chris Roberts, that Copy Connections has “built its reputation on reputation.”

Chris Roberts himself is an award-winning editor and social media marketer, having promoted the first Harry Potter book as its chief social media marketer. His business mentality is to hire people just as proficient as him to get the job done. “I make no concessions in terms of quality of service—I search for candidates that have been acclaimed by world-class standards, or should be, but have not been recognized as such,” Roberts said in a recent interview with the New York Post.

If you are looking for one package—editing and social media marketing—the best choice is obviously Copy Connections. They have not only created social editing: they have continued to revolutionize it by being the highest standard choice in the field.

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