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December 17, 2015
Mr. James Gean
Head of the Human Resources Department
Lieberman Publishing
12 Malholland Dr.

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Dear Mr. Gean,

This letter is an answer to your request regarding the performance of Mr. Sean Gull, a content writer responsible for writing content for our company’s official website.

Mr. Gull has been working for “Lieberman Publishing” for the last two years, starting from December, 2013. His initial position in the company was a copy editor; however, a year ago, he displayed motivation and proved to be worthy of a promotion to a content writer.

Mr. Gull’s major duty is to write blog posts regarding activities “Lieberman Publishing” enacts. These posts include annotations on the books recently published by our company, critical reviews on these books, recommendations for aspiring authors seeking to get published in “Lieberman Publishing,” and reviewing literary novelties released by our competitors. In addition, Mr. Gull prepares weekly newsletters covering our company’s recent activities, as well as press-releases and post-releases sent to media.

According to the requirements, a content writer should be proficient in the language he or she writes in, which means a detailed knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and style; a content writer should be also able to work under strict deadlines, and provide writing of high quality within the required word limits regardless of the topic. A content writer is also required to be acquainted with SEO in order to be able to create relevant content to get to the top of search results of all major search engines.

From what I have observed so far, Mr. Gull fits his current position well. He is solidly accustomed to working within harsh deadlines; there were several situations when he had to write a 2000-word article within a time limit of two hours, and he provided competently-written texts that merely required minor editing or proofreading by our proofreaders and editors. Mr. Gull is especially proficient in writing book reviews: blog posts containing his opinions on recently published novels are among the most-viewed materials on our website. At the same time, he seems to treat press-releases with less responsibility as he probably should; he seems to underestimate the importance of the interaction between a publishing house and media resources. However, this is not a big problem—Mr. Gull has been informed about the management’s opinion on the subject, and has manifested a wish to improve his professional skills in this field through attending specialized workshops and classes.

Considering everything said, I believe Mr. Gull should be encouraged by a financial bonus, in addition to his current salary.

Thank you for your time and concern,

Ciril Clayton
Content Department Manager
Lieberman Publishing

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