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November 24, 2015
Mr. Morris Kravitz
Head of the Marketing Department
Heinz and Sons, Inc.
141 Riverbed Ave, Rm. 120

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Dear Mr. Kravitz,

I am writing this letter of evaluation according to your recent request regarding the performance of Mr. Albert James, a member of the “Heinz and Sons” support service. I am leaving the conclusions you might make based on my letter to your behalf, and will focus solely on what I have learned and observed.

Mr. Albert James has been employed at “Heinz and Sons, Inc.” since August 2012, which means he has been a part of our team for more than three years. Since the beginning of his career at our company, he has been working as a technical support officer, which means his duties in “Heinz and Sons” has never changed.

Mr. James’ direct work duties and responsibilities are to answer the phone calls of our customers regarding technical maintenance and the repairing of refrigerators; communicating with customers via email or live chat present on our official website’s homepage; making sure technical problems can be solved without customers having to return their purchases for maintenance; discussing refunds with unsatisfied customers. Corporate rules oblige Mr. James to be polite with customers, helpful, and to speak in a confident and benevolent manner.

However, from what I have observed, and also based on the comments and complaints left by our customers, Mr. James does not seem to do his best. I have 17 recorded cases throughout the recent six months of him not attending his workplace without reporting the reason to his management; I have noticed Mr. James sometimes yells at customers and calls them names when they question him about their problem; disconnect in the middle of conversation with a client; according to the corporate policy of quality control, all his conversations with clients have been recorded, so I can back up my observations. Also, Mr. James seems to ignore some of the incoming online help requests.

Considering everything said above, I would recommend to conduct a preventive conversation with Mr. James regarding his decreased performance, and temporarily decrease his current salary; in case this does not help, I would recommend to search for another tech support officer.

Thank you for your time and concern,

John Brown,
Tech Support Office Manager
Heinz and Sons, Inc.

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