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Admissions Committee

Master’s in Global Studies Program

Lunar University

Dear Members of the Admissions Committee,

I write with enthusiasm to recommend Felice Endymion for the esteemed Master’s in Global Studies Program at Lunar University. I have had the pleasure of being Felice’s professor in several advanced history courses during her time at Elysium College and have always been struck by her tenacity, depth of thought, and analytical prowess.

From our earliest interactions, what set Felice apart was her unique ability to synthesize vast amounts of information and present her findings in a coherent and articulate manner. In my course on Modern World History, she composed a research paper delving into the interplay between post-colonial African nations and globalization in the 21st century. Her work was not just well-researched; it provided a fresh perspective and incisive analysis that was mature beyond her years.

Beyond the classroom, Felice has been a dynamic presence in our college community. As the president of the History Scholars Society, she led a team to organize symposiums, guest lectures, and even a local history documentary series which brought our academic community closer to the historical intricacies of our region.

Felice’s commitment to understanding global interconnectedness, both historically and in the present day, will make her an excellent fit for the Global Studies program. I am confident that at Lunar University, she will not only absorb a wealth of knowledge but also contribute meaningfully to academic discussions, research, and community initiatives.

Please consider Felice Endymion’s application with the highest regard. I am certain that she will be an outstanding addition to the Lunar University community, embodying the academic rigor and passion that your esteemed institution is known for.

For any further queries or details about Felice’s academic accomplishments and potential, I am available at [email protected].

With respect,

Prof. Lesley Robinson

Senior Lecturer, Department of History

Elysium College

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