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How to use AI Sentence Rewriter to Rewrite my Sentence

With our tool, making your text easier to read is just a piece of cake.  And it won’t take a minute before you’ll have a paraphrased sentence before your eyes. Here’s what you have to do to get that:

  • Choose a sentence you want to improve
  • Paste it into the special field in the AI Sentence Rewriter page
  • Pick one of the modes that suits your tone of voice and writing style the best.
  • Press paraphrase and get your result.

If you need to paraphrase a whole document or even a part of the text, you can also use the ‘Upload File’ button. Our free sentence rewriter accepts all kinds of files from .doc to .txt and .rtf. Mind though, that to work with bigger files, it will be more convenient to register on the platform. This way you will get access to a more versatile selection of features as well as get a storage place for your works.

Why Using Sentence Rewriter is a Good Idea?

Writing is not easy. Sometimes, even if you have already written a piece, you still feel like you could have done better. In this case, rewriting would be a good idea. And using an AI-powered tool would help you reach the ideal you want much faster. 

Or, sometimes, you just can’t find the right words that would fit in your narrative. Everything sounds either too simple or too complex, and it doesn’t matter how many synonyms you find – none of them seems to fit. The paraphrasing tool can save you from the vocabulary conundrum and help you find the right words. 

To be frank, using a Sentence Rewriter is a good idea when you are feeling stuck with your writing or want to improve your text’s readability. In any case, this tool will save you time and nerves. 

Tips for More Efficient Work with AI Sentence Rewriter

Our paraphrasing feature uses smart algorithms to make your writing sound better. Still, it doesn’t mean that it is perfect. So, we have collected a few recommendations that would help you make working with our tool more fast and efficient:

  1. Identify your writing style. Before giving your text to the AI identify which writing style best matches with the overall vibe of your text. Is it formal or more creative? Do you need the language to be more descriptive or maybe more academic? Based on your answer, you can choose one of the modes presented in our service to make your writing sound more natural and in line with the overall voice of your work.
  2. Use full sentences or even paragraphs. AI works better when it’s given a context. That’s why giving two sentences or even a paragraph is better than giving an out-of-context part of the text. This way you can make sure that the paraphrased writing makes sense and fits into the main body of your work.
  3. Review and revise generated results. Automated tools aren’t perfect. So, it’s always better to read through the generated result and, if anything, make the tool paraphrase the same sentence again. Or, in case you like the style of the created text but don’t like the vocabulary, you can also rewrite the second variant of the sentence to see if it will find even more fitting words.

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We acknowledge the challenge of continuously working on texts and coming up with original ideas every time. With plenty of options available in terms of apps, finding the ideal AI rewriter has become a difficult task. But fret not, because our sentence rewriter can effectively address this problem in no time! It goes beyond the mere swapping of synonyms and reorganizing words; it effortlessly generates top-notch content while ensuring the preservation of the original meaning.
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What is the best AI sentence rewriter?

Finding the best AI sentence rewriter will depend on the type of writing you need to rephrase as well as its purpose. Yet, we found that AI Sentence Rewriter can handle all types of text. Thanks to the different modes available on the platform, you can adjust the paraphrase to better suit your tone of voice.

How do you rephrase a sentence in AI?

It doesn’t take much time or work to paraphrase the text with AI. All you have to do is paste the sentence you want to reword into the special field, choose the style of writing, and press the ‘Paraphrase’ button. You will get a paraphrased version of the initial piece in a few seconds.

What is the AI that fixes sentences?

AI that fixes sentences is AI that rewrites text. It uses paraphrasing algorithms that choose the best-fitting words that can improve readability. One of the bright examples of such tools is AHelp AI Sentence Rewriter. This service Can work with separate sentences as well as full textual documents to help boost your writing skills.


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