Best Paraphrasers

Best Paraphrasers

by Nayeli Ellen

Our top choice for a paraphraser would be Quillbot!

To check off all the necessary boxes, we decided to submit three different texts to each service. 

1. Quillbot

Despite all of the small inconveniences, Quillbot can be considered the best paraphraser and has the first place on our top list. Especially since practically every score it got was outstanding.

2. PrePostSEO

The website itself isn’t very aesthetically pleasing, but it is easy to navigate. Although PrePostSEO got the second place in our rating, it still is quite far from Quillbot in terms of points.

3. Rewriter

Rewriter is a good choice for a paraphrase, since it got third place. Still, thoroughly proofread the content to filter out any contextual mistakes.

4. ArticleRewriter

ArticleRewriter provides all the basic features for simple paraphrasing needs, so if you don’t have any specific requirements, this tool will be very useful.

5. Paraphrasing Tool

ParaphrasingTool offers a lot of different features and language options. However, remember to re-read the text and change it accordingly, even if it is paraphrased.