Quillbot Paraphraser Review:
based on real mystery shopping

A*Help Score: 92/100
🔥 published December 11, 2023 - updated May 20, 2024

Launched in 2017, Quillbot became a widely-known service with lots of different tools centered around text creation, editing, and translation, which are important for students to make the process of learning much more comfortable. Our team decided to check its key features, including Quillbot’s paraphraser, plagiarism detector, and grammar checker. As a result, we can confidently say that this tool is a practical solution for learners and can handle various tasks efficiently.

The Good
  • Wide variety of modes and languages
  • Can try without registration
  • High readability of paraphrased texts
The Bad
  • Limit of 125 words per use in the free mode
  • High AI detection results in academic text
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🌟 A*Help score92/100
✅ Quality of help51/55

Quillbot’s paraphraser offers students an option to rewrite their texts quickly and get quality results. All paragraphs exhibited high-level readability and two out of three texts were able to bypass AI detectors and plagiarism checkers while keeping the necessary style.
⚖️ Our verdict⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Quillbot’s paraphraser is a handy tool for students, which can promise first-rate results in different styled texts. 

Quick Overview for Quillbot’s Paraphraser

Our expectations were very high for Quillbot’s paraphraser. This tool has a wide selection of rewriting modes, as well as a variety of languages to match almost all educational needs. The quality of paraphrasing was great both in terms of readability and low AI detection and plagiarism results in both the personal essay and the scientific text, which can’t be said about the academic-styled paragraph.

Quillbot Paraphraser Review
An infographic with a short Quillbot review describing the ways it was tested and how it received an A*Help Score: 92/100

What does the process of writing an assignment typically include? Firstly, obviously pouring yourself a cup of coffee or a strong tea to pull you through that all-nighter, because ain’t no way the other deadlines aren’t already breathing down your neck. Next, you should reshape all of your buzzing thoughts from chaos to at least controlled chaos. Then, researching the topic, finding literature and other resources, which also takes a lot of time. But then – boom – you remember that you already did a similar paper. What a relief, right? Wrong! If you just copy the previous task you’ve already submitted or rely too much on outside sources, you risk getting punished for plagiarism. 

Crafting papers, reports, and assignments requires not only a deep comprehension of the topic at hand but also the ability to convey that knowledge without falling into the trap of plagiarism. Students often turn to rewriting services to ease the workload, and one of the popular options tends to be Quillbot. So, we were curious to know whether Quillbot lives up to its title of one of the best paraphrasers out there.

Quillbot Paraphraser Mystery Shopping Experiment

You might have a question: – what is there to test about a paraphraser? It’s simple, you just open it and copy-paste your text, right? But here at AcademicHelp, we approach every service evaluation very seriously and create specific criteria based on three main aspects: value for money, overall experience, and quality of help. Each of these sections has its own subcategories, designed to assess the service in the fullest possible way. If you are interested in learning more about How We Test Paraphrasers, here’s a short breakdown.

In order to test Quillbot’s ability to create new and original texts while keeping the main idea of submitted input, we decided to task it with three different paragraphs. The first text was a typical personal narrative essay talking about the feeling of gratitude. This is the most common type of work students tend to submit, so it was essential for us to check it. The second text was a bit more complicated since it was a snippet from Florence Nightingale’s biography. Such texts tend to get flagged by plagiarism checkers, if students don’t put in enough effort to rewrite them. So, we decided to give it special attention. The third and final text was the most complicated – a paragraph from a biology textbook, filled with specific terminology and hard-to-understand sentence structure. This text was, so to say, the final boss of our mystery shopping.

🙏 Essay about the feeling of gratitudeInformal125 words
👩 Biography of Florence NightingaleAcademic125 words
🌿 Ultrastructural changes in chloroplasts of cold-tolerant plants Scientific129 words

After rewriting all three texts, we proceeded to run them through our AI Detector and Plagchecker, which are a part of the AcademicHelp Learning Hub. This way, we were able to see how well the paraphrased texts could handle various tests. These tend to be put into place by professors to make sure that academic integrity is still in place. This part was also taken into consideration and reflected in the A*Help score, so you would clearly see which service had more problems with various detectors.

Quillbot & Paraphrasing Help — 51/55 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Well, the most intriguing part – the quality of paraphrasing. This process is not as simple as one might think, since the whole purpose of rewriting is very intricate; the tool has to create readable, understandable, and original text that will not only keep the main idea in place but also dodge plagiarism checkers and AI detectors professors might use.  We were pleasantly surprised with Quilbot after we had tasked it to paraphrase three texts of different difficulty levels, including a simple essay, a biography of a historical figure, and a paragraph from a biology textbook with specific terminology.

It is necessary to mention that all three texts had around the same word count after paraphrasing, which not all services unfortunately keep. The style, however, was slightly different in the third text, but it was far more “digestible” than the original. Quillbot bravely overcame every single challenge we posed and scored “High readability”; the only mediocre thing was the plagiarism detection results. The idea behind our mystery shopping was to check if the paraphraser could handle a piece of widespread and overused information like a biography. After running the second rewritten text through our Learning Hub tools it showed 30% of plagiarism detected and 41% of AI in the output. Although it is still an ‘okay’ result among other paraphrasers, this fact only highlights the need to proofread your assignments and put in a little more effort, as well as a personal touch, even if the tool is as high-quality as Quillbot.

Quillbot Paraphraser Review
Quillbot AI Detection Results Second Text (click here to see a large image)


Quillbot Paraphraser Review
Quillbot Plagcheck Results Second Text (click here to see a large image)

Apart from that, the other aspects of paraphrasing were great. The factual information remained the same, while the structure of the text was changed, and that is exactly what we wanted to see. Both the personal narrative and the scientific text showed 0% in AI detection and plagiarism. Most importantly, the style remained the same and there were no additional mistakes.

So, is Quillbot a good paraphraser? The answer is a confident “yes”. Not only did it rewrite the texts in a swift manner, but also kept the necessary information and styles. This kind of service is just what a student wants when feeling overwhelmed with assignments and in need of a little help.

Overall Paraphrasing Process
Text 1 (Personal)
Text 2 (Academic)
Text 3 (Scientific)

Quillbot Paraphraser Value for Money — 24/25 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Achieving the perfect score for value-for-money usually means having the ideal mix of affordability, quality, and the capacity of the service to meet user demands. In our reviews, this ratio forms a crucial part of our evaluation and stands as the touchstone for excellence among services. 

Quillbot is extremely well-known for its text creation services, and it proves its leadership even when it comes to paraphrasing. The service has a wide range of rewriting modes, such as simple, advanced, creative, academic, formal, and even custom. It also has a choice of more than 20 languages, including several English variations. Although you have to squeeze into a tight limit of 125 words when using it for free, you can get unlimited words by purchasing a Premium plan for $9.95/month. 

Pricing at Quillbot
Pricing at Quillbot (click to see a large image)

The service provides a very useful “synonyms” feature, which allows you to pick out words you think will fit best into the text. You can control synonym changes via a slider and either ask Quillbot to add fewer or more different words. Users who purchase a Premium plan can also look through their paraphrasing history, as well as compare several modes to choose the perfect one for them. And the list doesn’t end there! Quillbot also allows you to control the tone of voice for your text which is like a cherry on top of this three-tier cake.

Overall, Quillbot almost got the perfect score – 24/25 pts for value-for-money, which reflects the platform’s willingness to address most customers’ needs and preferences. The only thing that is not perfect is the word limit in Quillbot’s free version, which can slow down the process, but we don’t consider it to be such a major deal in comparison to other high scores.

Pricing Plans

Quillbot Paraphraser Overall Experience — 17/20 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

A website’s success largely depends on its design being straightforward and user-friendly. When users visit a site, they need to find what they’re looking for with ease. A clear and uncomplicated interface encourages visitors to spend more time and come back in the future. The overall design, transparency of instructions, and simplicity of actions are critical elements that affect both user satisfaction and the website’s effectiveness. So, the more accessible a website is, the more appealing it becomes to students and other users, establishing the platform as a reliable resource for addressing many study needs.

Quillbot has a wisely-designed interface that is far from confusing for both new and experienced users. There are no flashy ads, distracting you from the writing process, and all of the things you might need are laid out on one simple page. The platform also offers an option to sign up via third-party services, which makes it even more convenient.

Quillbot can be directly integrated into Microsoft Office and Google Docs and has an extension for Chrome and MacOS, as well as an app for iOS and Android, so you can skip the steps of going to the website itself and copy-pasting the text there. Moreover, it can easily process files as input text, which is another point, especially for those students who are in a little bit of a hurry. Quillbot has all the necessary customer support contacts, including a live chat and an email to sort out any user concerns that might arise.

Quillbot has an aesthetically pleasing interface and provides an excellent user experience when it comes to paraphrasing as well. It is evident that the site constantly works to improve its quality of paraphrasing as well as the rewriting options, which can only ensure a high customer return rate, as it’s always pleasing to get such treatment.

Website Experience
Device accessibility
Text Submission

The Verdict on Quillbot’s Paraphraser

All in all, it is safe to say that Quillbot truly excels in its paraphrasing by not only creating a comfortable space for its users but also carefully structuring high-quality texts. This platform allows students to take a breath and finally deal with all the annoying assignments in a quick manner. Quillbot justly gets 92/100 pts for its paraphraser, which makes it stand out among other rewriters we checked. Moreover, this particular feature takes the lead in our Quillbot evaluations and surpasses both the grammar check and plagiarism detector options based on the A*Help score.


Quillbot Reviews

AcademicHelp is aware of how crucial it is to use reliable services, websites, and applications. That’s why, every time we try each tool ourselves before writing about it. This time is no exception. But, we do not forget to get the whole picture. So, the A*Help experts do personal research online. Usually, we consult the following sites: Reddit, Sitejabber, TrustPilot, and Reviews.io for honest user reviews. In their feedback, we set out to find impartial opinions on the product as well as the most critical issues that could have happened. Then, we compile these cases in our Negativity rank and try to check theory on practice during our real mystery shopping experiment.

Is Quillbot a Scam?

Quillbot is not a scam. AcademicHelp checked 5 different documents with this plagiarism detector. When getting acquainted with the service, creating an account, and paying for a subscription, we did not notice any weird activities. In the end, the A*Help team received plagiarism detection results for 5 essays.

Is Quillbot Legit?

This tool is a legitimate plagiarism detector. When using it there were no suspicious activities or questionable requests from the service. AcademicHelp can assure you that Quillbot is legit.

Is Quillbot Safe?

Yes, Quillbot is safe for students and educators. The tool does not invade your privacy nor does it ask for any intrusive information. So, it is safe to admit that this tool is safe and secure to use.

Is Quillbot Trustworthy?

Having used Quillbot to check 5 different essays and received real results, the A*Help team can claim that this plagiarism detector is a trustworthy one. Founded back in 2017, it has a reputation as a helping tool for learners in the academic field. Based on our mystery shopping experience, AcademicHelp can promise that this is a reliable service.

Is Quillbot a Good Service?

We have tried Quillbot to check 5 different essays on their plagiarism detection feature. Moreover, we used this tool to paraphrase some bits of the text in one of the essays. Regarding the overall score after the A*Help assessment, we granted Quillbot 85.1/100 pts. This score consists of plagiarism detection quality, the value for money and overall experience aspects.

Quillbot’s Paraphraser Specs

> Styles/Modes 
Other modes
> Features 
Grammar check
Proposing synonyms
> Languages 
> Usage 
Word limit125 words per use
Trying before registration
> Pricing Plans 
Time subscriptions
Mode subscriptions
> Website Experience 
Aesthetic Interface
Easy to use
Number of adsNo ads
> Device accessibility 
Browser extension
> Text Submission 
Add text
Add files/links
Download text/files
> Support 
Support chat
Support email
> Registration&Privacy 
Uses third-party registration methods (Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft account)
> Overall Paraphrasing Process 
Highligting changes
Changes by hand
> Text 1 (Personal) 
Word countSame
AI detection58.44%
> Text 2 (Academic) 
Word countSame
AI detection39.73%
> Text 3 (Scientific) 
Word countSame
StyleSlight changes
AI detection0%

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