Best AI Detectors

Best AI Detectors

by Johannes Helmold

This rating has a leader, and it’s the top-ranked TurnItIn.

Our team prepared three different documents to assess the effectiveness of AI content detectors

1. Turnitin

Turnitin proved its standing as a widely adopted and effective AI content detector.

2. Copyleaks

CopyLeaks provides a user-friendly experience with its intuitive interface and offers various detection options to cater to different content types.

3. Winston AI

With strong performance in detecting both human-written and generated text, Winston AI is a reliable choice for comprehensive content analysis.

4. Passed AI

PassedAI is a handy tool offering an enjoyable website experience with easy-to-interpret results and various detection options.

5. Originality AI

Originality AI provides an efficient, user-friendly experience with its well-organized interface and diverse detection options. It also excels at identifying generated or paraphrased content.