WinstonAI Review:
based on real mystery shopping

A*Help Score: 63.67/100
🔥 published August 8, 2023 - updated May 31, 2024

Quick Overview

WinstonAI is a solution when you need to find proof that the text was written by a human or generated by an AI writer. Educators, content writers, students, you name it, everyone heard of it and uses it frequently. AcademicHelp worked with WinstonAI, checked 3 different essays, and we are ready to voice our verdict: a quick scanning process and accurate detection make it a valuable tool among AI writing detectors

The Good
  • Free version
  • Can be used in different domains
  • Budget-friendly
The Bad
  • Lack of browser extension
  • Does not recognize URLs as sources for documents
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An infographic with a short WinstonAI review describing the ways it was tested and how it received an A*Help Score: 68.67/100
WinstonAI Review: based on real mystery shopping

WinstonAI’s Detection Accuracy — 31.67/50 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Winston AI showcases its technical prowess in AI detection through specific tests. It accurately identified a text fully written by AI as 99% AI-generated, aligning well with the text’s origin. Similarly, for a completely human-authored text, Winston detected 90% human involvement, indicating a high level of accuracy. However, the tool faced significant challenges in correctly identifying paraphrased text, suggesting a need for improvement in handling mixed or complex text compositions. Despite this, we find Winston’s overall accuracy as commendable.

A screenshot of Detection results at WinstonAI
Detection results at WinstonAI (click to see a large image)

AI Detection Results: 19/30

 Human-writtenAI-Generated  Paraphrased
Detection feedbackThe text has been detected as 90% humanThe text has been detected as 1% humanThe text has been detected as 1% human

WinstonAI’s Value for Money — 18/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We believe, Winston AI offers reasonable value for its price. The free version allows scans of up to 2,000 words and supports URL text scans and document uploads, including OCR technology for scanned documents. Paid plans range from $12 to $49 per month, with increasing word limits and features like advanced AI and plagiarism detection, and priority support. However, there are no browser extensions or MS Word integration, and no discounts are currently available. The tool provides a 40% commission for referrals in the first 12 months, which could be an attractive feature for some users.

Tech detection
Available tools
Input sources

WinstonAI’s Overall Experience — 19/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The user experience with Winston AI is what we’d describe as generally positive. Registration is straightforward, with options for signing in via Google or Facebook, and does not require a phone number. The website interface is aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, and offers a quick process, with language options currently being English, French, Spanish, and German. Users can also generate printable reports, adding to the tool’s convenience.

Text scan window at Winston AI
Text scan window at WinstonAI (click to see a large image)
Website experience


Winston AI Reviews

AcademicHelp started working with WinstonAI just like with any other AI detector. First thing first, we conducted Internet research by going to the platforms like Sitejabber, Reddit, TrustPilot, and This step was essential before we started our mystery shopping because we wanted to read real and honest reviews from users online. Having gathered essential information about potential hindrances and issues that can emerge, the A*Help experts were ready to put theory into practice. 

Is WinstonAI a Scam?

WistonAI is not a scam. We used it to scan 3 different essays and received full results. Working with the site was easy and intuitive. And during our mystery shopping experiment, we did not notice any deceitful behavior.  

Is WinstonAI Legit?

The A*Help team exclusively works with genuine services and trustworthy services and platforms. WinstonAI is a reputable, dependable, and totally legit tool.

Is WinstonAI Safe?

Our interaction with WinstonAI was secure and safe. From the moment we started using the service and till we received the final result, no fraudulent activity was not spotted by the AcademicHelp experts. 

Is WinstonAI Trustworthy?

WinstonAI is a trustworthy and reliable tool for students, educators, and content creators. Any users can easily check texts with this tool for originality in no time. WinstonAI can be your reliable content analyzer

Is WinstonAI a Good Service?

Having conducted our mystery shopping, we can assure our readers that WinstonAI is indeed a good service. We tested it on 3 different essays and received satisfactory results. Based on the A*Help assessment checklist, we scored WinstonAI at 68.67 points out of 100

WinstonAI’s Specs

Human + AIn/a
Trusted in educationn/a
API integration
Browser extension (Chrome)
MS Word
Addit. on-board tools
files (pdf, word)
simple text (copy-paste)
Code files
Batch files uploadn/a
Free trial
Loyalty40% commission on all payments within the first 12 months for paying customers you refer to the service
Third-party sign in options
Needs phone number
Personal account
Aesthetic Interface
Quick process
Multi-language detection
Printable report
Leave a message
Instant chat
Social media channels
FAQ and guides

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