Originality AI Detector Review:
based on real mystery shopping

A*Help Score: 61.33/100
🔥 published December 15, 2023 - updated May 31, 2024

Quick Overview

Originality.ai is a specialized tool to detect AI-generated text and identify plagiarism within content. Although it is focused specifically on the needs of web publishers, we tested its capabilities for educational purposes and found that it does its job well regardless of the domain.

The Good
  • Shareable results
  • Easy to use
  • Functional personal account
The Bad
  • No trial period
  • Requires registration
  • Targeted mainly at business
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An infographic with a short Originality AI review describing the ways it was tested and how it received an A*Help Score: 61.33/100
Originality AI Detector Review

Originality AI’s Detection Accuracy — 28.33/50 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Originality AI demonstrates commendable performance in identifying text generated by various AI models, including the latest versions like GPT-4. It claims a 99% accuracy rate for GPT-4 detection and around 83% for ChatGPT, with a minimal false positive rate of approximately 2%. These figures indicate robust capabilities in distinguishing AI-authored content. However, coming from our experience, the tool struggles to accurately assess purely human-written texts and paraphrased materials, reflecting a need for improvement in handling such content.

Detection results at Originality.ai
Detection results at Originality AI (click to see a large image)

AI Detection Results: 17/30

 Human-writtenAI-Generated  Paraphrased
Detection feedback 21%  Original
 79%  AI
0% Original
100% AI
0% Original
100% AI

Originality AI’s Value for Money —16/25⭐️⭐️⭐️

Originality AI does not offer a permanently free version but provides a trial through its Chrome extension. The pricing options here vary a bit. There’s a monthly Base subscription that goes for $14.95/month and provides users with 2000 credits. Aside from that, there’s also a one-time payment option of $30 that can buy 3000 credits. However, there’s a loyalty program offering lifetime recurring commissions. We find that while the tool offers average value for money, users seeking more comprehensive support or integration with MS Word might find these missing features impacting the overall value proposition.

Tech detection
Available tools
Input sources

Originality AI’s Overall Experience —17/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The user experience with Originality AI is fairly straightforward. Registration is required, but the process is direct without the need for third-party sign-ins or phone numbers. The website offers an aesthetic and easy-to-use interface with a quick process for scanning texts. There’s also a support chat that allows you to report any issue you have during the detection process. We believe that users can benefit from a free trial via the Chrome extension, although there’s no permanent free version available. The tool’s lack of multi-language detection could be seen as a minor drawback though.

Scanning for AI-generated content at Originality
Scanning for AI-generated content at Originality AI (click to see a large image)
Website experience


Originality is a famous tool and we can see why. It is convenient, easy to use, and shows very detailed results when it comes to AI detection. However, we agree that this service is not for everyone, considering the absence of a free plan and rather limited subscription options. All things taken into account, it can still be useful and worth trying at least once.


Originality AI Reviews

We only work with trusted tools, websites, and platforms. So, before testing something on our own, the A*Help experts go online and search for honest reviews from real users. Usually, we tend to find them on sites like Reddit, TrustPilot, Reviews.io, and Sitejabber. There we collect all genuine concerns and critical issues users might have experienced with the chosen service. Afterward, our experts compile a Negativity rank with the most acute problems. During our mystery shopping, we pay attention to said difficulties and do our best to spot them in practice or debunk false opinions.

Is Originality AI a Scam?

OriginalityAI is legitimate, not a scam. AcademicHelp used this tool to check plagiarism in 5 different papers. During the process of getting familiar with the service, setting up an account, and purchasing a subscription, we didn’t spot any suspicious actions. In the long run, the AcademicHelp team got plagiarism detection results for 5 essays.

Is Originality AI Legit?

Yes, OriginalityAI is a legitimate service with no fraudulent activities. The A*Help team used this service to scan 5 essays for plagiarism and the final results that we received were legit.

Is Originality AI Safe?

Coming from AcademicHelp experience, OriginalityAI is a safe and secure platform for students and educators. This plagiarism detector does not ask for any fishy information from its users. Overall, using this tool for academic purposes is safe.

Is Originality AI Trustworthy?

Yes, OriginalityAI is a trustworthy tool. Established only in 2023, it has already gained a number of trusted users online. Many students turn to OriginalityAI to use its advanced feature which is AI-detection. And, based on our mystery shopping, this is a reliable tool in the studying environment.

Is Originality AI a Good Service?

Taking all aspects into account, such as the value for money, overall experience, and plagiarism detection quality aspects, AcademicHelp scored Originality AI’s AI Detector at 61.33/100 points.

Originality AI’s Specs

Human + AI
Trusted in education
API integration
Browser extension (Chrome)
MS Word
Addit. on-board tools
files (pdf, word)
simple text (copy-paste)
Code files
Batch files uploadn/a
Free trial
only through the Chrome extension (50 credits)
Limits3000 credits for $30
2000 credits for $14.95/month
LoyaltyEarn 25% lifetime recurring commissions
Third-party sign in options
Needs phone number
Personal account
Aesthetic Interface
Quick process
Multi-language detection
Printable report
Clear results
Leave a message
Instant chat
Social media channels
FAQ and guides

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