Smodin Review:
based on real mystery shopping

A*Help Score: 77.6/100
🔥 published March 30, 2023 - updated April 27, 2023

The talk about the power of artificial intelligence has spread to all the nooks and crannies and now everybody thinks about making the most out of this technology. AI writing generator tools are among the first ones to get practical applications, especially among students. 

ChatGPT has shown a way to streamline text generation into a useful field – studying. After all, learners got so much writing to do that they could use a helping hand to optimize their efforts. And what can be a better way of raising productivity in academic writing than using AI text generators? With these essay creation tools, students get to do all the papers they have due and do it on time while gaining useful knowledge and skills. is one of the AI essay writing services that can ensure both those goals are reached. See How We Test AI Essay Writers for more details about our testing approach. Review - Key Takeaways Infographics

The Good
  • Extended choice of tools
  • User-friendly platform
  • Great essay-writing
The Bad
  • Can’t be used without registration
  • Scarce free trial

Smodin Mystery Shopping: Experience Review

It’s hard to tell whether an AI writing service can give you exactly what you want at a first glance. Many platforms look legitimate, but not all of them provide great content. So that you wouldn’t waste your time trying to generate your essay using one platform after another, our A*Help team came up with a testing scenario applied to every reviewed service.

We focus on three criteria when checking the writing tools powered by artificial intelligence. We assess whether the platform is worth its money and whether it’s convenient and simple to use. We take into account different aspects: from practicality to speed of essay creation, the variety of available services, and subscription plans. Working with an AI generator should be effortless and allow you to optimize your time rather than complicating things even more. 

The main focus, nonetheless, is drawn to the paper quality aspect. Here, our team checks how well the service can handle the task of creating a logical and structured essay. We also try to figure out whether it eases the process of paper formatting. Each ai text generator is given a prompt to create a 550-word personal narrative about a life event exemplifying a feeling of gratitude. After the papers are completed, we also pay attention to the structure and format of the text and look at the opportunities for referencing, formatting and outlining. Knowing this will help you understand whether the service can shorten the time of your future document arrangement by doing the work for you. We then organize all the works and send them to our partner, US college professor Sybil Low, to grade them according to the generally accepted standards. If the work scores below 60/100 pts limit, it is considered insufficient.

Dr. Sybil shares her thoughts on using AI text generators in the essay writing process:

AI became quite a hot topic recently. I’ve heard many fellow professors talking about its implications and intricacies. As I see it, AI is not such a big problem. Instead, I agree with one of the BU professors, Dr. Wesley J. Wildman, who says that ChatGPT can become very useful to students and help them create unique ideas. I will add that they can also assist in bringing some of the concepts to life. As for me, we should think of ways to harvest the existing progress and use AI to our advantage and not condemn or even ban these tools altogether. For all I know, this will only lead to more cheating among young learners.

We then combine all the reviewed factors to create an A*Help score which rates the AI writing platforms on 100 pts scale. This way you can choose the most useful services among our recommendations. went through the whole process as well.

SpeedPaper Review

What is it Worth?’s Value for Money — 18/25

Subscription & Limits
Free trial
Text creation options

Time is money. That’s why you look for ways to win more time and not waste it. If you have a pile of essays to be written all with different requirements, you want to just throw them into an AI essay writing tool and get decent texts in one sitting. That’s what a good AI writing service should allow you to do.

Smodin turned out to be exactly the kind of multi-tool platform that would cover that need. We found almost all of the features that a student would need in their learning life: an AI chat, a research assistant, a reference finder, an in-text citation creator, and a plagiarism checker. The only thing missing from this stellar collection is a grammar-checking solution.

Text generation at
Text generation at (click to see a large picture)

As of now, this is a web-based AI writing platform, so you won’t be able to download it as an app or browser extension. Still, it can be used both on your mobile and desktop computer or laptop. So, if you need to write something urgent on the go, don’t hesitate to turn to Smodin with your request. 

To get access to the whole kit of services, you will need to subscribe to one of the plans. There’s a choice of having monthly or annual billing for two packages: Essentials and Productive. There’s a free trial option, however, it only covers rewriting and a plagiarism check for the text of 1000 characters. As it wasn’t enough for us, and would hardly be sufficient for anyone, honestly. For this reason, we opted for a $10 Essentials subscription for a month. also allows working with your text as much as you need to. It doesn’t only offer narrative generation, but also rewriting, rephrasing, and summarizing the piece. So, even if you don’t like some parts of the text, you can quickly remake it right there.

Following this description, we would say that this AI platform is a great fit for your essay writing, with its variety of academically helpful features and various text creation options.

SpeedPaper Review

Smodin: Overall User Experience — 22/25

Website Experience
Text creation time

Choosing a website to work with is also a question of convenience. If it’s not easy to use, who cares about the variety of services? Luckily, with Smodin, usability wasn’t an issue.

This AI writing generator has a sleek interface that unifies all of the platform’s features and makes them easily recognizable. We wanted to see and try some of the services before creating an account but, unfortunately, we weren’t able to use any without registering. The signup process is quick though and allows you to use your existing Google account for an even faster profile setup. 

Our account at
Our account at (click to see a large picture)

The platform is easy to manage. You can either create your text in the AI chat (CHATin) or use a specifically designed essay generation tool. We used the second option and our full writing was done in just 5 minutes. We didn’t worry about exceeding the word count limit as our plan included 20000 words per month. However, these numbers can fluctuate from 300 to 100 000 per month depending on your subscription.

By the way, if you decide to purchase a more extended plan, you can expect a smooth and quick payment process. This platform allows you to use your usual cards, like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover, alongside PayPal wallet for a more convenient transaction. 

If you encounter any types of issues during your work with, you can turn to their support chat. However, note that it may take from 12 to 48 hours for the site representatives to respond, so, it’s better to use their Help page in case of a small misunderstanding. 

Aside from a very limited free trial and no option to use this platform without an account, Smodin provided us with a great overall experience. 

SpeedPaper Review & Essay Creation: Paper Quality — 37.6/50

Is Smodin a good AI writing tool for essay creation?. We can give you an answer because we generated a paper of our own using the platform’s features. The result was sent to our partner professor Sybil for the quality estimation.

The text came out structured by paragraphs and so was easy to arrange. As for that, Smodin does give you an option for formatting and referencing the writing, which can make the organization of the paper’s document much easier. Note though, that if you need an outline or a specific format style, like APA or MLA you have to do it on your own. 

Now, hopping onto that paper analysis. As it came back after the evaluation, our essay was marked with 81.8/100 pts. The best-graded indexes (100%) were spelling and grammar. Punctuation and word choice were both noted to be good, receiving 91% each. There were some small issues with formatting, particularly with vertical spacing and page headers. The content of the writing itself also wasn’t ideal in terms of efficiency, acuity, and objectivity. All three aspects gained only 51%.

Here’s a detailed view of the professor’s evaluation of the paper:

“SCORE 81.8 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is very good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; page header. {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: Just a tiny bit short (98%)—try to write a bit more. {Mechanics:} 96% (spelling 100%, grammar 100%, punctuation 91%, word choice 91%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 62% (efficiency 51%, acuity 51%, clarity 96%, objectivity 51%).”

After reading through the essay, professor Low shared her thoughts on the writing:

It’s a well-composed personal narrative, with great language, even sophisticated. The story is a bit repetitive at times though. Still, it would make a great basis for a human-written text. As I tend to think, AI tools are good, but only when the outcomes are then processed by students. The text generators can give you an idea of what to put down on your paper, but this idea still needs some work. AI gives you half of the picture, and you need to finish the painting and properly frame it.

In the end, created a great essay for us, with perfect grammar and decent content. The text’s grade only proves that, with a tiny bit of your effort, you can bring the generated narrative to the top results.

Plagcheck at
Plagcheck at (click to see a large picture)

Paper score: 81.8/100

⭐ Parameter ✅ Personal Essay
Paper score 81.8/100
Creation time  5 min
Number of words 523 words

The Bottom Line

Is a good pick for an AI essay writing tool? That choice is up to you. For all we know, this platform has all the right features to provide you with a smooth and quick academic piece creation process. This service will do most of the work (along with plagiarism detection) for you at a price of two footlong subs a month. This seems to be quite a bargain opportunity, considering the amount of time you can save and a fine result waiting for you in the end.

Smodin Specs

Website experience

Aesthetic Interface Yes
Easy-to-use platform Yes
Simple Essay creation flow Yes
Trying before registration No
Full time to generate essay up to 5 min
Wordcount limits depending on a plan, 300-100000 words
Guides No
Support chat/phone Yes
AI chat Yes
Research assistant Yes
In-text citations Yes
Reference finder Yes
MLA and APA Citations Yes
Grammar check No
Plagcheck Yes
Free trial  
Free trial/plan Yes
Limits None
Subscription & Limits
Monthly plan Essentials – $10/month, Productive – $29/month
Annual plan Essentials – $8/month, Productive – $24/month
Text Creation Options
Generate Yes
Rewrite Yes
Rephrase Yes
Summarize Yes
Text Formatting
Format No
Outline No
Structure Paragraph structure
References Yes
Formatting Can be added


Smodin Reviews

How do you find out whether the service is worth using or not? The best option is to read through the reviews of clients. We at A*Help collect this feedback from platforms like Reddit, Trustpilot,, and Sitejabber as well as include our experience-based reviews. You can use this information to make sound choices among AI writing services as well.

Is a Scam?

Our A*Help team always looks into whether the platform does what it was supposed to do. To test Smodin we generated a 550-word personal narrative and received a greatly composed text. Thus, this AI text generator can be considered a true AI essay-writing service and not a scam.

Is Legit?

Smodin is a platform with a history of providing services to an established client base. This proves that the website is legitimate and so can be efficiently used for essay-generation purposes.

Is Safe?

While using Smodin, we weren’t asked to provide any personal data aside from our email address upon registration. There also weren’t any issues with the security. Based on our experience, we can say that this service is safe to use.

Is Trustworthy?

We used Smodin to generate our personal narrative essay. We received a text compliant with the requirements mentioned in the prompt. As such, there’s no reason not to trust this website with writing your tasks.

Is a Good Service?

We evaluated all the main aspects of using and combined all of the points to estimate its unique A*Help score. This AI writing service gained 77.6/100 pts in our rating and therefore can be considered a great option for students’ advantage and usage.

Is Free?

No, is not a free AI text-writing service. It has a free trial period, that only covers 1000 characters for either rewriting or plagiarism checker. However, to get a full package of features you will need to choose one of the subscription plans, Essentials, for $10/month, or Productive – $29/month. You can also check out annual payment options which come with a small discount.

Can write my College Paper?

According to our research, Smodin is a great platform that combines several tools for a smoother academic paper writing experience. Here, you get the options to use a reference finder, it-text citation creator, and plagiarism checker, which all can ensure great results. The service also proved to provide well-written texts. Nonetheless, note that you can only expect to get the highest grades if you add a dash of your ideas to the writing. After all, AI-generated responses may be a good starter, but they won’t pass for a whole meal.

Does have Anti-Plagiarism Features?

Yes. is a platform that provides its clients with a plagiarism checker. Moreover, you can test how their system works during your free trial on a short sample text. When you subscribe to the platform, you get access to an extended list of features including a plagiarism detector for your generated text.

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