Refund Policy

🔥 published August 11, 2023 - updated February 19, 2024

Subscription cancellation & Refund Policy

We aim to provide flexible and fair refund options for our subscribers. 

This policy is designed to ensure that our customers feel supported and valued, offering flexibility while maintaining a fair approach to subscription management and refunds.

Our policy caters to both monthly and annual subscription plans, ensuring our users have a clear understanding of their rights and our procedures regarding cancellations and refunds.

1. Refund Request Procedure: 

To request a refund, subscribers must contact us directly from the same email address associated with the subscription payment. This ensures the security and verification of the refund request.

2. Monthly Subscriptions:

Subscribers may cancel their monthly subscription and request a full refund within the first 7 days of their initial purchase. However, if more than 50 credits are used within this period, the subscriber is not eligible for a refund. 

Cancellations made after the first 7 days of the initial purchase do not qualify for a refund for the current month’s subscription fee. However, no further charges will be applied.

3. Annual Subscriptions:

For annual subscriptions, customers may cancel within the first 14 days for a full refund, provided they have not used more than 50 credits. Usage beyond this limit will render the subscriber ineligible for a refund.

Post the initial 14 days, cancellation will cease future charges but will not warrant a refund for the remaining period of the subscription.

4. Credits Usage on Paid Plans

The aforementioned limitation of 50 credits refers specifically to credits used under a paid plan. Exceeding this limit within the refund eligibility period voids the possibility of receiving a refund.

5. Subscription Management:

Subscribers can manage or cancel their subscription at any time via their account settings to prevent future auto-renewals and charges.

6. Refund Process:

 Refunds, when applicable, will be processed to the original method of payment. 

We commit to a swift and straightforward refund process, ensuring transparency and satisfaction for our users.

We encourage subscribers experiencing any dissatisfaction to contact us at [email protected] before deciding to cancel. We are dedicated to resolving any issues to your satisfaction.


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