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AcademicHelp was founded in 2011 as an educational and review website to provide guidance and unbiased information to students. AI-powered tools transformed the traditional EdTech landscape and allowed students to accomplish more with less time and effort. 

Practice what you preach! And we shifted towards building handy and accessible AI tools like our Plagiarism Checker, Citation Generator, Grammar Checker, Paraphrasing tool, and AI Detector. Today we help students and researchers from top universities to accomplish their academic goals. 

We are here to empower academics with the endless potential of artificial intelligence. Our team consists of 15+ members with tech and educational backgrounds.

Our Learning Hub

Our aim is to become your personal 24/7 Inspiration and Ideas Delivery Service. We are on a mission to provide you with the tools to get the job done when you have a lot going on.

Save time and enhance your academic performance with our free tools for checking for plagiarism or AI content, generating citations or drafting outlines with our AI essay writer. 

AI detection? We have got you covered. Paraphrasing tool? We’ll handle that for you. Grammar checker, summarizer? Say no more. We’re your one-stop solution for all your homework and research needs. Save time and boost your learning efficiency with AcademicHelp Learning Hub.

Our reviews

When you’re trying to find reviews for academic services, you might be in for a rough ride. A lot of the reviews you’ll find are just biased sales pitches written by people who don’t seem to know anything about the field, and who probably haven’t even used the service they’re reviewing.

At A*Help, we’re doing things differently. Our goal is to help our readers find the perfect provider for their needs, wants and budget by providing real, unbiased reviews from experts or people with a genuine interest in the subject. We make sure that every review is written by someone who has actually used the service and can give their honest opinion on its pros and cons. Plus, we go the extra mile by having US professors evaluate and grade the work produced by the service, so you know the outcome is legit.

Our reviews are authentic, written by someone who has purchased and used the service. We conduct mystery shopping by placing orders and evaluating them using our A*Help score. This way, our readers get an honest and accurate review and can make an informed decision.

Our readers get all the information they need to make an informed decision, by providing real, unbiased reviews from experts or people with a genuine interest in the subject. And at the same time, academic services benefit from high conversion rates as we’re sending them highly qualified traffic.

It’s important to us that we are always transparent in how we review services and that we are honest in our opinions. We explain how we reviewed the service and are not afraid to point out its shortcomings, even as we highlight its strengths. We also want to make it clear that we would never accept payment from any provider to change our review of them.

Our review process is unique in that we also research “what other people have said” about the service, including forums like Reddit, to ensure we take different perspectives into consideration. This helps us provide a well-rounded review and give our readers a comprehensive understanding of the service.

At A*Help, we guide our writers to be honest and optimistic in their reviews. We understand that no service is perfect, but by highlighting both the strengths and weaknesses of a service, our readers can make an informed decision and go into it with the right expectations. This way, they can decide whether the service is right for them or not.

Our goal is to provide discovery and validation of academic services. By providing honest, unbiased reviews and evaluations from experts, we build trust with our readers and help them make informed decisions. This leads to high conversion and low refund rates for the academic services we review.

What are the biggest benefits for our readers?

The biggest benefit for our readers is that they have access to all the information they need to make an informed decision about what service is best for them. Our reviews are detailed, covering all the important aspects of the service, and for those short on time, we also include quick summaries. Our aim is to provide our readers with all the necessary information to make a well-informed decision.

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Academichelp Reviews

Academichelp.net reviews, provided by A*Help, are composed by genuine users who have availed of the service and are sharing their honest experiences. These reviews are not just sales pitches, but authentic user experiences, scrutinized and evaluated by US professors to guarantee legitimacy. The academichelp.net reviews encompass the various aspects of the service, allowing you to make an informed decision about its suitability for your academic needs.

Is academichelp.net trustworthy?

Academichelp.net evaluates services according the A*Help Score applying rigorous, unbiased standards, to ensure its trustworthiness. Each review is based on an actual user experience, and every aspect of the service is scrutinized, including any potential shortcomings. The transparency of the review process and the refusal to accept any form of payment for modifying reviews solidifies academichelp.net’s trustworthiness. You can learn more about How We Test Everything We Review

Is academichelp.net reliable?

The reliability of academichelp.net is determined through A*Help’s unique review process, which involves placing orders and grading them using the A*Help Score. This approach gives an honest and accurate assessment of the service’s reliability. Furthermore, A*Help’s research into the opinions of other users from various forums, like Reddit, provides a comprehensive understanding of academichelp.net’s reliability.

Who are academichelp.net writers?

The writers at academichelp.net are experienced professionals whose work is regularly reviewed and evaluated by A*Help Editorial Team. At A*Help, our mission since 2011 has been to offer truthful, impartial, and precise evaluations of educational services. Our primary goal is to empower users with the knowledge they need to make educated decisions about the educational services they opt for. We acknowledge the significance of upholding the strictest ethical norms throughout this process.


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