A*Help Community Guidelines

🔥 published March 28, 2023 - updated March 28, 2023

Welcome to A*Help, a website dedicated to providing honest and insightful reviews of educational services. Our mission is to create a safe, supportive, and trustworthy environment where users can share their experiences and help others make informed decisions about the educational services they choose. In order to maintain this environment, we ask that all members of our community adhere to the following guidelines.

Be respectful and courteous

Treat all members of the A*Help community with respect and courtesy. We value diversity and inclusivity, and expect everyone to be kind, considerate, and tolerant of different opinions and experiences. Personal attacks, harassment, or discriminatory language will not be tolerated.

Stay on topic

Ensure your comments and reviews are relevant to the educational services being discussed. Off-topic or irrelevant content will be removed at the discretion of our moderators.

Be honest and accurate

Share your genuine experiences and opinions about the educational services you have used. Provide specific examples and details to support your claims. Do not exaggerate or misrepresent your experience, as this can be misleading to other users.

No spam or self-promotion

Do not use A*Help to promote your own or others’ products, services, or websites. Spam and self-promotion detract from the purpose of our platform and will be removed.

Protect your privacy and the privacy of others

Do not share personal information about yourself or others, such as full names, addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses. Respect the privacy of individuals and institutions associated with the educational services being reviewed.

No plagiarism or copyright infringement

Only post original content that you have created. Do not copy or republish content from other sources without permission. Ensure that you properly credit and link to any sources you reference in your reviews.

Report inappropriate content

If you come across content that violates our community guidelines, please report it to our moderation team. We rely on our community to help maintain a safe and respectful environment for everyone.

Consequences of violating guidelines

Users who violate our community guidelines may receive a warning, have their content removed, or be temporarily or permanently banned from A*Help. We reserve the right to take any necessary action to preserve the integrity and safety of our platform and its users.

By participating in the A*Help community, you agree to follow these guidelines and abide by our Terms of Service. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to fostering a supportive and informative community for everyone interested in educational services.


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