How We Test Everything We Review

published April 21, 2023 - updated November 23, 2023

A*Help’s mission is steadfast: to give you an unbiased assessment of the providers and services that matter most. Here’s how we go about it.

How we test

A*Help reviews and rates student-focused academic services. Our team performs detailed evaluations to give you reliable, helpful advice for choosing the right service. We maintain our independence, so no advertisers or partners can influence our reviews.

Like with physical products, we test academic services hands-on and gather extra data when needed. Our reviews are based on in-depth research, comparing services in the market. We know that helpful reviews give context and compare options.

Here’s how we test and review academic services

Research-based score
Evidence-based assessment
Verified mystery shopping
  • When reviewing services, we first check competitors to see how they compare in price, features, and more. This helps us plan our tests and evaluations.
  • At A*Help, we believe in experiencing academic services firsthand to provide the most accurate and genuine reviews. To achieve this, we actually place orders and use the services ourselves, just like any student would. This hands-on approach allows us to thoroughly test and evaluate each service, ensuring we offer reliable and trustworthy recommendations to help you make informed decisions.
  • We start by setting up the service like you would, creating an account and exploring features. We assess the user experience and order flow. In addition to using the academic services ourselves, we also put a strong emphasis on testing the customer service provided by each platform. We evaluate the responsiveness, professionalism, and helpfulness of the customer support teams. This ensures that our reviews encompass all aspects of the user experience, allowing you to make well-informed choices when selecting academic services.
  • We collaborate with US professors who review and grade the orders we place while testing academic services. This expert assessment provides valuable insights into the quality of the work delivered by the services, contributing to a comprehensive evaluation that helps to form our ratings.

Our methodology

Unbiased and independent
Verified by experts
US academic standards

Here at A*Help, we’re passionate about inspiring our writers to approach reviews with both honesty and a hopeful attitude. We know that finding the perfect service is no easy task, but we believe that by shedding light on the pros and cons of each offering, our readers can make savvy decisions with a clear understanding of what to expect. Ultimately, they can find the best fit for their individual needs.

Our main focus is to become a trusted source for uncovering and validating the wide range of academic services available. Through candid, balanced evaluations and expert insights, we strive to foster a strong connection with our readers, helping them navigate the often complex world of academic offerings.

Below are the methodologies for various topic areas. If you have questions about specific ratings, please contact the relevant member of our editorial team.

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How we test custom dissertation writing services

How we test essay apps

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How we test programming homework help websites

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How We Test Plagiarism Checkers 

How We Test Spell Checkers

How We Test Paraphrasers

How We Test Citation Generators

Please note that these methodologies may vary depending on the specific topic area and the service being reviewed. If you have questions about a particular rating, reach out to the appropriate member of our editorial team for further information.

Code of Conduct

At Academic Help, we embrace the spirit of debate and conversation. We appreciate the varying perspectives of our users, understanding that you might encounter opinions that differ from your own. And that’s perfectly fine. Nonetheless, we do draw the line at certain actions: manipulating our data in any manner, or sharing discriminatory, offensive, malicious, or demeaning content.

We’re grateful for your time in familiarizing yourself with our guidelines.


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