Writer’s block is no joke! Especially when you’re thinking about engaging your reader as much as possible, if you’re writing an admission essay or any other important paper. Some students decide to take an unusual approach and come up with the most bizarre (though eye-catching) intros for their essays.

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Key Takeaways:

  • A strong opening line is crucial for engaging readers and setting the tone for an essay.
  • Students can use creative, weird, or catchy lines to make their essays stand out and draw readers into the topic.
  • Quirky beginnings add personality and memorability to essays, making them more enjoyable to read.

A strong opening line in an essay is like a good first impression—it sets the tone and engages the reader right from the start. It’s crucial because it can determine whether the reader will be interested in continuing to read or not. A compelling opening line grabs the reader’s attention and makes them curious about what comes next.

Students use various approaches to create effective opening lines. Some opt for creative and original sentences that showcase their unique perspective. Others prefer weird or unexpected lines that surprise the reader and make the essay stand out. Then there are those who choose catchy and compelling lines that immediately hook the reader with their relevance or intrigue. One of the users on Reddit decided to engage with the community and gather all sorts of unusual intros from school and college essays.

Each approach has its own way of drawing the reader into the essay’s topic or argument. The key is to find the right balance between being engaging and staying true to the essay’s content. By experimenting with different styles, students can discover what works best for their writing and ensure that their essays make a strong and lasting impression. However, let’s look at what people submitted under the dedicated Reddit thread.

Should You Use Quirky Beginnings in Essays?

Quirky beginnings in essays have a unique way of engaging readers. They stand out because they are different from the usual opening lines, and this unexpectedness can immediately capture the reader’s attention. When an essay starts with something unusual or humorous, it sets a memorable tone for the rest of the piece.

“He is dressed as Santa Claus on the outside, but inside he is already dead”

“I want to let you in on a little secret: I used to be a spy.”

“The answer, of course, was found where all the brilliant solutions are. In a cartoon. “

These unconventional starts can also make the essay more enjoyable to read. They add a touch of personality and creativity, showing that the writer is willing to take risks and think outside the box. As a result, the reader is more likely to remember the essay and the points it makes.

“Unlike other bookshelves, the contents of my car are not color-coded or alphabetized.”

“Me and Henry Cavill are basically the same person”

“…bags of potato chips taught me the value of diligence.”

Overall, quirky beginnings can be a powerful tool for making an essay memorable. By starting with something unexpected, writers can create a strong and lasting impression on their readers.

The Effectiveness of Catchy and Compelling Openers

Catchy and compelling openers are crucial in drawing readers into an essay’s topic or argument. These opening lines are designed to be both attention-grabbing and relevant to the essay’s content. By starting with a strong statement, a thought-provoking question, or an intriguing fact, these openers create a sense of curiosity in the reader.

SOME SUPPLEMENTAL I WROTE STARTED WITH LIKE “What the mouth won’t say, your face always will.” wrote about how micro expressions helped me win a poker game

““The <high school name> prides itself as the most academically challenging school in <hoem country>,” states my school’s homepage. Though “most academically challenging” is impossible to ascertain, one thing is certain: back pain is endemic.”

This curiosity encourages readers to continue reading to find out more about the topic or to understand the argument being presented. A well-crafted opener can also set the tone for the entire essay, indicating whether it will be serious, humorous, or informative.

“‘I want to be a dinosaur’, I responded”
Lol this was for Brown’s open curriculum supp. This was my childhood response to the “what do u wanna be when u grow up” question, and I thought I could use this as an intro to showcase how I have been fascinated about the most random shit since i was literally 4.”

“?????? ??????? ?????” I started with special characters not allowed on CommonApp, used my essay to explain why these kinds of restraints are bad, and slowly decoded the message.

“…bags of potato chips taught me the value of diligence.”

In essence, catchy and compelling openers act as a hook that pulls the reader into the essay. They make the reader eager to explore the ideas that follow and engage with the writer’s perspective. This initial engagement is crucial for keeping the reader interested throughout the essay and ensuring that the message is effectively communicated.

Crafting an Engaging Opening Line for Essays

Creating an engaging opening line for your essay is essential to draw in your readers from the start. Here are some tips to help you craft a compelling opener:

Firstly, ensure your opening line is relevant to your essay’s topic. It should provide a hint of what the essay is about without giving away too much. This relevance creates a connection between the opener and the rest of the essay, making it easier for readers to follow your argument.

For example, if your essay is about the impact of social media on society, you could start with, “In today’s digital age, social media has transformed the way we connect and communicate.”

Clarity is also crucial. Your opening line should be easy to understand, setting a clear direction for the essay. Avoid using complex language or overly complicated ideas in the first sentence. Instead, aim for a simple yet powerful statement that grabs attention.

A clear opener could be, “Water scarcity is one of the most pressing environmental issues facing the world today.”

Lastly, don’t be afraid to get creative. Use your imagination to come up with an opener that stands out. This could be a surprising fact, a rhetorical question, or a vivid image. Creativity in your opening line can make your essay memorable and engaging.

For instance, you might begin with a rhetorical question like, “What if you could relive one day of your life?”

By focusing on relevance, clarity, and creativity, you can craft an opening line that effectively draws readers into your essay and sets the stage for a compelling argument.

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