According to CNN, the People’s Choice Awards (PCAs) never fail to deliver one of the most entertaining red carpets of the year. With the event being voted for by the public, celebrities often opt for bold and eye-catching outfits. This year, despite a scheduling conflict with the BAFTAs, the stars in attendance at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica did not disappoint, showcasing an array of vibrant colors, exaggerated silhouettes, and playful accessories.

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One of the night’s standout looks came from Laverne Cox, who donned a 1987 Thierry Mugler velvet bustier with a wing-tipped neckline, paired with matching opera gloves. The ensemble was completed with a sheer, crystal-encrusted skirt by Giuseppe Di Morabito, adding fluidity to her look as she hosted the evening’s pre-show coverage.

Rapper Ice Spice brought a splash of color to the red carpet in a burnt-orange Dolce & Gabbana dress, perfectly complementing the awards’ aquamarine backdrop and her signature copper curls. Her custom gown featured a plunging faux-fur collar and sheer lace detailing, allowing her to showcase her playful leopard-patterned tights. Ice Spice went on to win New Artist of the Year, completing her look with heeled sandals and Le Vian jewelry.

Stars Shine Bright at the People's Choice Awards - Explore Celebrity Style Essay Topics
Laverne Cox. Source: CNN.
Stars Shine Bright at the People's Choice Awards - Explore Celebrity Style Essay Topics
Ice Spice. Source: CNN.

Billie Eilish took a more unconventional approach, pairing a sweater vest over a shirt and tie, a look that few stars could pull off. The singer added her characteristic touch with big sneakers and frameless glasses as she collected the TV Performance of the Year award for her role in “Swarm.”

Australian pop icon Kylie Minogue dazzled in a Raisa Vanessa gown that resembled a glamorous, emerald-green candy wrapper. The crinkled, strapless dress took on an almost geometric appearance as she walked the red carpet, later changing into a sleek red number for her performance of “Padam Padam.”

Stars Shine Bright at the People's Choice Awards - Explore Celebrity Style Essay Topics
Billie Eilish. Source:
Stars Shine Bright at the People's Choice Awards - Explore Celebrity Style Essay Topics
Kylie Minogue. Source: Getty Images.

“Cowboycore” made a statement with TikTok star Markell Washington, who paired a denim cowboy hat with a floor-length skirt made from multiple pairs of jeans. He added flair with metal-buckled belts wrapped around his torso and used as accessories for his wrist and hat.

Floral patterns and detailing have been a recurring theme this awards season, and actor Xochitl Gomez elegantly embraced the trend. She wore a Gucci outfit adorned with pink fabric flowers on the shoulders and bejeweled sleeves that fanned out to the elbow. Fresh from her victory on “Dancing with the Stars,” the 17-year-old completed her look with drop earrings and elegantly styled hair.

Stars Shine Bright at the People's Choice Awards - Explore Celebrity Style Essay Topics
Markell Washington. Source:
Stars Shine Bright at the People's Choice Awards - Explore Celebrity Style Essay Topics
Xochitl Gomez. Source: Reddit.

Talking About Celebrity Fashion Influencing the Public in Your Essay

The People’s Choice Awards offer a unique glimpse into the ever-evolving world of celebrity fashion, where stars showcase their personal style on one of the year’s most vibrant red carpets. As we’ve seen, this event is not just about who wins the awards but also about making bold fashion statements that often set trends and spark discussions. From Laverne Cox’s dramatic Thierry Mugler ensemble to Ice Spice’s colorful Dolce & Gabbana dress, the variety of looks provides a rich tapestry for exploring various aspects of fashion and its impact on culture and society. The following essay topics delve deeper into these themes, inviting readers to analyze, argue, and reflect on the significance of red carpet fashion at the People’s Choice Awards and beyond.

Type of EssayEssay TitleDescription
👁️ Descriptive“The Evolution of Red Carpet Fashion at the People’s Choice Awards”Describe the changes in fashion trends observed at the People’s Choice Awards over the years, highlighting key styles and influential celebrities.
“The Impact of Celebrity Personal Style on Fashion Trends”Explore how individual celebrities’ personal styles have influenced broader fashion trends, using specific examples from the People’s Choice Awards.
🔎 Analytical“Comparing Fashion at the People’s Choice Awards and the BAFTAs”Analyze the differences in fashion styles between the People’s Choice Awards and the BAFTAs, considering cultural and event-specific factors.
“The Role of Fashion Designers in Shaping Celebrity Image”Examine how fashion designers collaborate with celebrities for red carpet events like the People’s Choice Awards and the impact on the celebrities’ public image.
💬 Argumentative“The Importance of Sustainable Fashion on the Red Carpet”Argue the significance of promoting sustainable fashion choices at high-profile events like the People’s Choice Awards and the role of celebrities in advocating for environmental responsibility.
“Should Celebrities Use the Red Carpet as a Platform for Political Statements?”Debate whether the red carpet is an appropriate venue for celebrities to make political statements through their fashion choices.
🗣️ Expository“The Process of Creating a Red Carpet Look: From Concept to Reality”Explain the steps involved in creating a red carpet look for the People’s Choice Awards, from the initial design concept to the final ensemble.
“The Role of Fashion Stylists in Curating Red Carpet Looks”Discuss the importance of fashion stylists in the preparation of red carpet looks for events like the People’s Choice Awards, highlighting their influence on fashion trends.
🕵️ Comparative“Traditional vs. Modern Fashion Trends at the People’s Choice Awards”Compare and contrast traditional and modern fashion trends observed at the People’s Choice Awards, discussing how they reflect changes in societal norms and preferences.
“Impact of Social Media on Red Carpet Fashion Choices”Analyze how social media platforms have influenced fashion choices at the People’s Choice Awards, considering the role of online feedback and viral trends.


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