Professors shared top-10 interesting and weird phrases they had read in students’ essays. A popular reddit post asked educators to share their experience with funny and entertaining sentences from written assignments that they had to check.

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Top-10 interesting and weird phrases professors find in students' essays

“Humans evolved to have adult-length limbs”

“Welcome to my essay” as the first line.

“It’s Britney, bitch,” and then cite (Spears, 2007)

“The study showed the results of the study that proved the results.”

“The novel Frankenstein is about one man’s passion for science, and how that passion destroyed him.”

“Sometimes biology and life collide rather violently.”

“A decrease in inflation means a decrease in the probability of wealth and fame.”

“The defining characteristic of neanderthals is that they have skin.”

“Paris was built by a group of people.”

“Little is known about Japanese history before 1600.”

Top-10 interesting and weird phrases professors find in students' essays


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