The discussion around ChatGPT is still heated. It started with people trying out generating simple and silly texts, but now it came to the point where professionals consider using it for their daily tasks. Here are some tips on how writers can utilize AI writing assistants for their tasks and have no doubts about questions like “Is using Grammarly cheating?”.

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Using AI bots as a tool for your writing - pros and cons

Is there an effective way to use ChatGPT as a tool to speed up the writing process, or writers will end up with the same amount of time to edit its output?

AI-generated texts are seemingly plain and cheap. Although in reality it costs a fortune to run all those language models and build the infrastructure to support them. Mass production is a way to optimize costs for content creators. The idea is simple: use ChatGPT to generate the bulk of articles and then edit them rather than create from scratch.

Using AI bots as a tool for your writing - pros and cons

– The Issue of plagiarism is yet to be studied
– ChatGPT may include false or unverified information
– There are tools under development to track and mark AI written articles
– The amount of editing required to make the content usable is very close to the amount of time required to write the piece from scratch
AI-generated content is fluffy and repetitive
– ChatGPT only pulls from information up to 2021, so any recent developments won’t be covered at all
– There is a need to fact-check every data point in the AI writing and remove a lot of mindless repetition

– ChatGPT can be used as a research/starting point to guide the writer in the right direction, and then I do follow-up research. Writers spend far more time researching and outlining than writing, so using ChatGPT in that way probably would help to speed up the output.
– ChatGPT produces good outlines and gives enough inspiration to power through writer’s block
– It can be used as a more powerful thesaurus


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