Referencing or citation is a method of telling and showing your readers that you used someone’s work in your piece of writing for research purposes.

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What makes referencing so vital for writing essays

Paper instruction and academic preferences set by schools can influence referencing styles.

Referencing is important for students writing academic essays. It confirms that there was sufficient research work carried out and signals readers that there is authentic connection and evidence between the information and the original source.

Referencing has the following attributes;

  1. Author’s name
  2. Date when the original work was published
  3. How the publishing company is called and where it is located
  4. Title of the journal or name of the book
  5. Title of the research or chapter’s name
  6. DOI (Digital Object Identifier)
What makes referencing so vital for writing essays

Purpose of referencing

Referencing is key in academic writing because it authenticates the author’s research work.

  • Allows to address the problem of plagiarism
  • Showcases the origin of research work.
  • Gives validity to your reasoning
  • Provides follow-up options for readers
  • Indicates the relevance of the information

Referencing or citation

What makes referencing so vital for writing essays

Citation styles are the various standard methods used to cite the source of work.

. American Psychological Association (APA)



.Modern Language Association (MLA)

.Chicago/ Turabian

.American Chemical Society (ACS)

.Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC)

.American Medical Association (AMA)


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