The video discusses the diminishing value of coding as a career due to the rise of AI, no-code solutions, and an oversaturated market. The speaker, an ex-Google and Meta tech lead, argues that coding may be turning into a dead-end job and that social media and entrepreneurial ventures are more lucrative paths. He criticizes current software engineering education and promotes the idea that modern technologies like AI, blockchain, and the creator economy offer better opportunities than traditional coding jobs.

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video “Is Coding still worth it in 2024? (as an ex-Google programmer)” by TechLead

Key insights

  • AI and No-Code Impact: The growth of AI and no-code solutions is reducing the demand for traditional coding skills.
  • Market Saturation: There’s an oversupply of coders, making the field less lucrative and innovative.
  • Shift in Consumer Interest: There’s a declining interest in new apps and websites, with consumers focusing more on top social media platforms.
  • Social Media and Entrepreneurship: These areas are seen as more viable for financial success and personal branding than traditional coding jobs.
  • Outdated Education: The speaker criticizes current computer science education for being out of touch with industry needs, particularly in AI and modern technologies, which results in demotivation when you try to learn programming.
  • Changing Career Perceptions: Coding is viewed as less prestigious and potentially less financially rewarding compared to newer tech domains.

Timestamped Summary

  • 0:00-0:21: Introduction of the speaker and his stance on coding as a declining career path.
  • 0:22-1:00: Discussion on AI, no-code solutions, and market saturation in coding.
  • 1:01-2:05: Skillshare promotion and transition to the concept of the “coding delusion”.
  • 2:06-4:01: Critique of coding as a career and its comparison to past career collapses.
  • 4:02-6:10: Analysis of the software engineering field and the rise of code influencers on social media.
  • 6:11-7:28: Observation of the social media revolution and its impact on the tech industry.
  • 7:29-9:03: Discussion on the outdated role of software engineers and the appeal of entrepreneurial ventures.
  • 9:04-11:31: Contrast between ‘slave’ and ‘entrepreneurial’ programming skills, and the shift towards AI and data-driven technologies.
  • 11:32-13:34: Review of the Keychron Q1 Max keyboard.


Is coding still a viable career path?

The speaker argues that it’s becoming less viable due to AI, no-code solutions, and market saturation.

What are the emerging alternatives to traditional coding jobs?

Social media influence, entrepreneurship, and careers in AI, blockchain, and the creator economy.

How has the role of software engineers changed?

The role is seen as less prestigious and financially rewarding compared to other tech domains.

What is the coding delusion?

It’s the belief that coding is a sure path to success, which the speaker argues is no longer the case.

Are traditional software engineering skills becoming obsolete?

The speaker suggests that many coding skills are less relevant in modern tech landscapes dominated by AI and no-code platforms.


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