In the quest for mastering the C# programming language, a learner’s journey took an unexpected turn after dedicating 7 to 10 hours a day on W3Schools, only to stumble upon a wave of critiques questioning the platform’s reliability and its lack of endorsement by major organizations like the W3C.

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Key Takeaways

  • A pesar de las críticas, W3Schools es elogiada por su enfoque directo a la hora de enseñar los fundamentos de la programación, especialmente en C#.
  • Las ideas de la comunidad de programadores ponen de relieve que no se desperdicia ninguna hora de aprendizaje o codificación, aunque implique enfrentarse a errores y corregirlos, lo cual forma parte inevitable del proceso de aprendizaje de la programación.
  • La comunidad de programadores recomienda recursos como FreeCodeCamp, Microsoft Learn y learnxinyminutes a quienes deseen mejorar sus conocimientos de C# más allá de lo básico. Estas plataformas ofrecen oportunidades de aprendizaje más estructuradas, en profundidad y, en ocasiones, avaladas oficialmente.

The digital age has truly unlocked countless opportunities for aspiring IT professionals, with online learning platforms offering a flexible and accessible path to mastering programming languages and coding. This approach allows learners to tailor their education to fit their schedules, pace, and interests, making it an attractive option for those looking to break into the IT field. Advantages include the vast array of resources available at the click of a button, from tutorials and courses to interactive coding challenges, all designed to equip students with the skills needed for a tech-driven world.

However, this convenience still comes with its challenges. The quality and credibility of these online resources can vary, leaving many learners at risk of investing time (and money) into platforms that may not offer the depth or recognition needed to advance their careers. This very concern sparked a lively discussion on Reddit, where a user shared their experience of dedicating hours to learning C# on W3Schools, only to question the site’s reliability and seek advice on more effective learning alternatives.

The Basics: A Strong Foundation or A False Start?

When you just start your programming path, the first question to naturally pop up is where to begin. W3Schools, often seen as the gateway to coding basics, elicits mixed feelings among learners. On one hand, its concise and straightforward approach to teaching programming languages like C# is praised for its efficiency.

“W3school is good for learning the basics. I wish I started with it to learn the basics instead of Udemy.”

This sentiment resonates with those who prefer text-based learning, avoiding the lengthy explanations that video tutorials sometimes entail. Conversely, there’s a camp favoring more dynamic learning environments (such as Udemy itself), where interactive video courses offer in-depth explanations and real-time examples. Some argue that the depth and engagement provided by video can enhance comprehension, especially for complex subjects.

Yet, W3Schools has certainly carved out its niche as the stepping stone for many aspiring programmers, serving as an accessible entry point to the vast world of coding. Its simplicity and ability to break down programming concepts into layman’s terms make it particularly valuable for beginners.

“W3 often puts things into layman’s terms that I may otherwise be having a hard time understanding”

This foundational understanding becomes crucial when learners venture into more advanced and technical territories, such as the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN). Another user shares,

“Sometimes I’ll read MDN and then read W3Schools to understand in plain English what I read on MDN and didn’t comprehend.”

As such we can see that W3Schools acts not just as a learning tool in isolation but as a complement to deeper, more technical resources, bridging the initial gap between novice understanding and advanced knowledge.

The Value of Every Learning Hour

In the programming world, every hour dedicated to learning holds immeasurable value, echoing the sentiment that no effort toward education is ever in vain. This principle is especially true in the ever-evolving tech field, where the learning curve can be steep and the road to mastery seemingly endless.

This perspective is not only reassuring but also realistic, as even the most seasoned developers spend countless hours debugging, only to find that a single line of code can be the culprit. et, as learners progress, they find solace in the knowledge that each challenge overcome adds to their skill set.

Moreover, the tech industry’s rapid pace of innovation means that learning is a perpetual state.

reflects another programmer, reminding us that in the world of technology, every hour spent learning—be it through solving problems, debugging, or exploring new languages and frameworks—is a step forward in a lifelong journey of growth and discovery.

Pathways to Advancing C# Skills: Community Endorsed Resources

Is W3Schools Worth It? A Student Spent Hours Studying C# There Only to Find It's Unreliable

As most learners seek to elevate their C# proficiency beyond the foundational knowledge offered by W3Schools, the programming community comes forth with a wealth of recommendations tailored to enhance understanding and skill. Among the chorus of suggestions, FreeCodeCamp emerges as a highly praised platform, renowned for its comprehensive curriculum that spans from basics to advanced concepts.

shares a Reddit user, pointing to the collaboration as a goldmine for learners seeking structured and in-depth study material. Another beacon for aspiring C# developers is Microsoft Learn, a resource lauded for its direct link to the creators of C#.

Microsoft Learn provides a seamless pathway for individuals looking to dive head-on into the nuances of C# directly from the source. As to those already versed in programming but new to C#, learnxinyminutes offers a unique approach. It’s designed to give experienced programmers a quick yet thorough overview of C#, equipping them with the ability to start projects in a new language more swiftly.

Other Opportunities for Advanced Learning

Navigating through the vast resources available for advancing in C#, we found five standout programs and tutorials that could be particularly beneficial for learners seeking to deepen their programming skills:

  1. Deccansoft C# Tutorials by Sandeep Soni offers a comprehensive journey through C# with 83 hours of video across 26 modules. It’s perfect for those with a foundational knowledge of programming, covering everything from the .NET Framework to multithreading in .NET, making it ideal for intermediate to advanced learners.
  2. edX C# Tutorial caters to learners with prior programming experience, focusing on advanced concepts such as the .NET Framework, CLR, and object-oriented programming. This tutorial is distinguished by its affiliation with top universities and its rigorous approach to teaching C#.
  3. Gerry O’Brien’s C# Tutorial is particularly suited for existing programmers looking to expand their knowledge into C# and the .NET environment, emphasizing C# syntax, fundamentals, and object-oriented programming, providing a solid intermediate-level understanding.
  4. University of Linz C# Course by Hanspeter Mössenböck bridges the gap for programmers accustomed to Java or similar languages, starting from basic C# features and advancing to complex topics like threads and .NET’s base class library, making it an excellent choice for transitioning programmers.
  5. Eduonix C# Course and C# Tutorial both offer unique learning experiences, with Eduonix providing an instructor-led video course that includes LINQ and network programming, and Sololearn adopting a fun, interactive approach with games and quizzes to teach coding principles, suitable for beginners to intermediate learners looking for engaging ways to practice coding.

These programs, ranging from structured, in-depth courses to interactive learning experiences, cater to a wide spectrum of learning preferences and levels, ensuring that every aspiring C# programmer can find a resource that matches their needs and goals.


You see, anybody can find what works for them in terms of study resources. Videos, free courses, text materials – you name it. It’s just important to remember to stay critical of what you learn and be open to new knowledge and findings. And don’t be shy to ask fellow programmers for recommendations – practice shows this way you will find a lot of useful tools that may help you along your studying.


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