AI Tools for Academic Writing Gain Growing Traction Among US Students, the survey reveals

AI-powered writing assistants have earned recognition among the US student community, and over 80% of students report they’ve tried AI products for learning purposes, the recently conducted survey indicates. 

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A large pool of 600 US-based students participated in the survey that aimed to gauge the awareness, understanding, and reception of AI text-generating tools and their practical usage in the students’ studying processes.

The study was carried out by, an online educational platform providing students and learners with various resources to aid their learning. A diverse group of 600 participants (comprising an equal gender split of 50% females and 50% males) from 43 different US states took part in this survey. 

Key findings from the survey indicate high awareness of various AI tools among students. However, the frequency of usage varies greatly. The most commonly used AI tools are grammar checkers, citation generators, and plagiarism checkers. AI text-generation tools are recognized and tested by students but are not regularly integrated into their study routines as of the study period.

While AI tools are seen as beneficial for tasks such as writing assignments, reading and science tasks, and even coding problems, certain concerns and challenges remain to be addressed. These include school regulations restricting the use of such tools (42.55%), issues with accuracy (36.64%), and a lack of knowledge on how to employ them effectively (22.46%).

The study also highlighted students’ concerns about the potential drawbacks of AI tools. Poor fact-checking, lack of citations, and issues with the generated content’s formatting are the most frequently mentioned.

Overall, the research presents a profound overview of how AI tools shape the academic landscape and how they can be further improved to better support students. It highlights the need for educational institutions and AI tool developers to work collaboratively to overcome current challenges and optimize the benefits of AI in education.

This landmark study is a stepping stone to further research on the practical use of AI tools in education. The A*Help team is confident that these findings will encourage constructive dialogue and contribute to advancing AI technology in education, ensuring it is aligned with academic integrity standards and effectively supports students in their learning journey. is a news and research website, delivering up-to-date, trustworthy, and verified data about recent educational developments and trends. Since 2011, the platform’s specialists have analyzed and rated an extensive range of academic help websites to help students make informed decisions when selecting educational services.

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