Studying is not just tests, essays, reports, and lectures. Studying can equal fun and excitement. If you are having doubts that it is possible, you obviously haven’t head of ClassPoint. With its core focus on aiding educators and trainers, the platform brings an ensemble of AI-powered features to make the delivery of educational content more interactive, visually appealing, and efficient. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides, ClassPoint liberates educators from the monotony of slide design and language barriers.

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Impact of Quizzes

A recent study from Iowa State University is shedding new light on the role of quizzes in the classroom. Marcus Crede, an associate professor at the university, was initially skeptical about the value of frequent quizzes in enhancing students’ academic performance. However, a meta-analytic study he conducted with graduate student Lukas Sotola showed otherwise. Analyzing 52 college-level classes with almost 8,000 students, they found a strong link between frequent, low-stakes quizzes and improved academic performance, especially in midterm and final exams.

“I was surprised the effect of quizzes was relatively strong. I was skeptical. I didn’t think this would have much of an effect. The other surprising thing was how much quizzes helped reduce failure rates in classes. The odds of passing a class went through the roof where instructors used this.”

Immediate feedback and written-response questions further boosted this effect.

“The impact on struggling students was really remarkable.”

Although not a true experiment, the study suggests that frequent quizzes can be a simple yet effective tool for improving educational outcomes.

“You have to be cautious, multiple-choice questions seem to be a little less effective than what we call a constructive-response question, when you actually have to come up with the answer yourself. It’s about recognizing the right answer and actually remembering what the right answer is.”

What Does ClassPoint Offers for Students?

In 2023 educators and students are in need of best tools and services. Now we are witnessing the popularisation of AI in Education. And one of such services that makes education more advanced and effective is Classpoint. Co-founder of the tool, Jack Qi, shared how the project started:

“ClassPoint was first released 2020 right before Covid. It aimed to make teaching with PowerPoint easy, dynamic and engaging. The first version included basic annotation features and interactive quizzes. Teachers embraced ClassPoint for turning PowerPoints into interactive sessions, showing improved grades and active learning, without switching between many different apps.”

“Now, a broad range of educators are using ClassPoint to engage audience. This including teachers from primary levels to universities, corporate trainers.”

ClassPoint goes beyond the traditional slide-deck presentation by making learning more interactive and accessible for students. The interactive quizzes, for instance, not only engage students in real-time but also offer instant feedback. This active participation model fosters better understanding and knowledge retention.

Real-time language translation is another groundbreaking feature. In today’s globalized classroom settings, language can often be an impediment. ClassPoint neutralizes this challenge by translating slides and spoken content in real-time, thereby ensuring all students are on the same page, literally and metaphorically.

A screenshot of ClassPoint presentation

For students with visual or hearing impairments, the platform shows its commitment to inclusivity. Features like automated closed captioning, alternative text descriptions, and screen reader compatibility make it easier for all students to engage with the educational content.

Why Is ClassPoint Beneficial?

The value of ClassPoint for students cannot be overstated. Besides making presentations more engaging, the platform’s data analytics provide insightful metrics on student engagement and comprehension. This, in turn, enables educators to personalize their teaching strategies to suit individual learning curves, thus significantly improving educational outcomes.

Moreover, the platform’s ease of integration with existing software such as PowerPoint means that neither educators nor students need to navigate an entirely new system. This smooth user experience leads to a more focused learning environment.

A screenshot of ClassPoint community

Students can also benefit from the platform’s user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for them to participate in quizzes and share responses in a collaborative environment. ClassPoint does not just facilitate learning; it makes the process more enjoyable and accessible to all.

How Much Does It Cost?

In terms of pricing, ClassPoint offers a range of flexible plans to accommodate different budgets and needs. Monthly, quarterly, and annual plans are available, starting at $8.00 per month. For larger educational institutions, custom School-Wide Licenses can also be arranged. The platform offers a free trial and even has a free version available, making it easier for students and educators to test the waters before diving in.

ClassPoint is a holistic, AI-powered educational tool that promises to take presentations from bland to grand. Its array of advanced features aims to make learning more interactive, inclusive, and insightful. With its user-centric design and affordable pricing, ClassPoint is indeed an invaluable resource for both educators and students in this digital age.

Year in Review: How to supercharge your teaching with AI

Classpoint elaborately uses the power of AI by helping educators direct their focus to what truly matters – teaching. The AacdemicHelp team interviewed the co-founder of the tool, Jack Qi, and reviewed the whole year for Classpoint: 

A*Help: What changes did ClassPoint undergo?

Jack: In 2023, ClassPoint underwent a series of strategic changes to enhance our platform’s features and user experience. We invested heavily in research and development, released AI-driven features, more interactive tools, enhanced analytics and a more intuitive interface, reflecting our commitment to dynamic and engaging learning experiences. We also expanded our global reach by forging partnerships with educational institutions and organizations, making ClassPoint more accessible to a diverse range of educators and learners. Additionally, we made significant improvements to our user interface based on feedback from educators, ensuring that our platform remains user-friendly and intuitive.

How to supercharge your teaching with Classpoint

A*Help: What are your predictions for the industry in 2024? 

Jack: In 2024, we foresee AI playing a pivotal role in education tech, offering personalized learning experiences. At ClassPoint, we’re closely following AI trends, aiming to integrate AI for adaptive content, automated assessments, and insightful feedback. The necessity lies in tailoring education to diverse needs, making learning more inclusive and effective. We’re committed to responsibly leveraging AI to empower educators and unlock every learner’s full potential.

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