The world of academic research gets a powerful boost with Consensus. This tool, driven by artificial intelligence, reimagines how people engage with scholarly data. The primary goal of Consensus is to make expert knowledge accessible to everyone. The AI search engine of Consensus swiftly analyses millions of research papers to provide comprehensive, accurate answers.

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A Game Changer for Students

If you are a student, Consensus is a formidable ally. By just asking a question, Consensus provides you with evidence-backed answers. It effectively replaces hours of research with a concise summary of the most relevant data.

Consensus uses a blend of advanced technologies, including natural language processing, machine learning, and blockchain. It analyzes data, verifies the quality of sources, and provides clear summaries of the most relevant findings. It operates without any advertising interference, ensuring unbiased and accurate results.

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Consensus simplifies the academic research process for students. It offers a shortcut to understanding complex studies. With its ad-free and unbiased format, Consensus allows students to critically evaluate data on their own.

Consensus is proud of its scientifically-verified results. It has access to over 400 million scholarly articles from the leading global journals and authors. Consensus is designed to save you time while providing quick, reliable results.

Features of Consensus

Every feature in Consensus is designed to make academic research straightforward and enjoyable.

Customization is key to the Consensus AI-powered academic search. This feature allows users to tailor their search preferences and filter results based on various criteria.

A screenshot of Consensus how to search feature
A screenshot of Consensus topics to search for

GPT-4 Summary

The GPT-4 summary is a tool that provides a snapshot of the top 5-10 results for a query. This feature is particularly helpful as it uses trustworthy journal articles to provide the information.

Consensus Meter

The Consensus Meter is a tool for “Yes/No” questions. It collects and displays responses, categorizing them as “yes,” “no,” or “possibly.”


The good news for students is that Consensus is free to use. You can create an account, ask your questions, and start enjoying the benefits of this powerful academic research tool. There’s also the option to subscribe to their blog, share findings, and contribute suggestions for future posts.

A screenshot of Consensus asking a user to create an account

What’s New in Consensus

Consensus 2.0 represents a significant advancement in academic search technology. The Consensus team has focused on building the best academic search engine, resulting in substantial enhancements in speed, precision, and search relevance. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new in Consensus 2.0:

The core of Consensus 2.0 lies in its Smarter Paper Search feature. This new search functionality is a departure from the limited query formats of Consensus 1.0. The Consensus team has introduced a new search algorithm that merges keyword search with AI-powered vector search. This algorithm sifts through an extensive corpus of 200 million documents, enabling a more flexible and reliable search. Now, users can explore a variety of queries, from “how” questions like “How is anxiety related to the microbiome?” to related entity searches such as “Fructose consumption and hunger.”

Precisely Extracted Answers

Consensus 2.0 enhances the precision of search results. Unlike Consensus 1.0, which often provided clunky and imprecise results, the new version focuses on extracting information that is specifically relevant to the user’s query. This means that the answers are not only more accurate but also tailored to the user’s needs. For example, users can ask specific questions like “At what dosage does ashwagandha promote sleep?” and receive focused answers.

Consensus new features

Consensus has undeniably revolutionized the field of academic research, winning commendations from its users for its emphasis on providing cited information with simplicity. Its prowess in streamlining the search process has been hailed as superior to other research platforms, such as Google Scholar. Notably, its effectiveness and reliability make it an invaluable tool in democratizing access to academic research for all.

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