Imagine you could talk to anyone from the past, from Napoleon and Churchill to Kafka and Mahatma Gandhi. It is possible with advanced technology and the Hello History app.

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Hello History empowers educators and students with an immersive tool, bringing historical figures’ insights directly into the classroom.

What is Hello History?

Hello History is at the forefront of technological innovation in education, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to transform learning. Developed using the latest GPT-4 technology, this AI-powered chatbot app offers users an unprecedented opportunity to engage in detailed and immersive conversations with a wide array of historical figures. This interactive learning tool transcends conventional educational methods, providing a platform that combines entertainment with education, thus appealing to a diverse range of users, from history enthusiasts and students to educators and the generally curious.

We built the Hello History app to make connecting with history easier and more engaging. The app was launched in December 2022 and the feedback from teachers exceeded our all expectations. Now, the Hello History team is on a mission to help schools prepare generations for an AI-ready society. After receiving thousands of inquiries from teachers and conducting trials with 20 schools, we are publicly launching a web version of Hello History for educators, named This version enriches our 1,000 AI historical figures with teacher-focused features, such as the ability to upload teaching materials, assign tasks to students, and access analytics. We are eager to collaborate with teachers in the US and abroad.

Stas Shakirov, co-founder at HelloHistory

The educational landscape is evolving, and Hello History is leading the charge by offering an invaluable resource for students. This app enhances the learning experience in several key areas:

Hello History Review

🌐 Interactive Learning: By engaging in conversations with historical figures, students can explore complex topics in art, music, literature, philosophy, and science in an interactive and engaging manner. This method of learning fosters deeper understanding and retention of information.

🎯 Personalized Education: Hello History tailors conversations to individual interests, allowing students to dive into subjects they are passionate about. This personalized approach caters to different learning styles and piques students’ curiosity.

🤔 Critical Thinking and Perspective: The app provides unique insights from the viewpoints of historical figures, encouraging students to develop critical thinking skills. It prompts them to question, analyze, and understand the world from diverse perspectives.

📚 Supplemental Learning Tool: For educators, Hello History acts as a virtual co-teacher, offering a dynamic way to supplement traditional teaching methods. It can be integrated into the curriculum to enhance student engagement and understanding.

Benefits to students

Hello History is accessible and user-friendly, making it suitable for all ages and technological skill levels. The intuitive user interface ensures that navigating conversations is straightforward, enabling users to focus on the learning experience.

Hello History App

The app offers an initial set of 30 free messages upon download, followed by an affordable Weekly plan at $3.99. This pricing model makes it an accessible tool for a wide range of users, including individuals, educational institutions, and libraries.

Hello History’s commitment to authenticity and educational value is evident in its approach to content creation. While the conversations are generated by AI, users are encouraged to validate facts, promoting a healthy skepticism and awareness of the difference between simulated and real historical dialogues.

Hello History is not just an app; it’s a gateway to the past, offering a unique and innovative way to explore history and learn from those who shaped it. Its blend of technology, education, and user engagement positions it as a pioneering tool in modern education, making learning not only informative but also genuinely exciting.

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