Who wouldn’t want to be fluent in Italian, Spanish, Chinese, or French? Travel the globe and know that the world is your oyster. It’s the best feeling of all. If the idea of learning a new language the traditional way doesn’t scream fun to you, there’s a way out. The conversational approach by Quazel is the answer.

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Conversational approach

In the vast realm of language learning apps, Quazel stands out with its unique, AI-driven approach that makes mastering a new language an intuitive and immersive experience. Founded by David, Sam, and Philipp, Quazel promises not just an interaction with AI but a comprehensive learning journey reminiscent of having an attentive human tutor by your side. Born out of the founders’ observation of the limitations in conventional language teaching methodologies, Quazel is a testament to innovation in ed-tech.

In practice, traditional approaches ommit the most essential part — which is conversation. Backed by science, a 2017 study by Saito and Akiyama compared learners practicing conversation with native speakers via video calls to those focusing on traditional vocabulary and grammar exercises. The conversational group displayed significant improvement in speech fluidity, vocabulary diversity, listening comprehension, and grammar. Contrarily, the traditional group showed minimal progress. Current research thus underscores the invaluable role of interactive communication in enhancing second language acquisition.

What Quazel Offers to Students

The modern student, be it a casual learner or a career-driven individual, seeks an engaging, effective, and flexible learning environment. Quazel understands this need and provides a platform where learners can converse freely, without the fear of judgment. The biggest barrier when learning a lnaguage is to overcome one’s inhibition to speak in the new language. Quazel offers an environment where you can speak (or write) without any fear. This environment is supported by a robust AI language model that not only keeps dialogues intriguing but also offers real-time feedback.

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Moreover, the app doesn’t let learning become a monotonous chore. With the ability to choose from a diverse catalogue of topics or even create unique topics for conversations, students are constantly engaged and motivated. The adaptability of the app ensures that each user’s unique learning style and skill level is catered to, thus providing a bespoke learning experience.

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One of the salient features of Quazel is its practicality. Language isn’t just about knowing the words but also using them in real-life scenarios. The app’s real-world quests themed around users’ interests, such as ordering a croissant in Paris, make it more than just an academic exercise. By integrating such tasks, Quazel ensures that users don’t just learn a language but live it.

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Additionally, Quazel’s approach addresses one of the major pain points in traditional language learning methods: the cost. Many eager learners are deterred by the exorbitant prices of language courses and personal tutors. But with Quazel, this immersive, tutor-like experience is available right at their fingertips at a fraction of the price. This cost-effective approach, combined with the app’s interactive and adaptive features, underscores why Quazel is becoming a preferred choice for many students.

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The Affordability of Quazel for Students

Understanding the financial constraints students often face, Quazel offers its revolutionary service at an affordable price. Starting at just $13.7 per month, students can access Quazel’s extensive features and embark on their linguistic journey. The platform offers three different subscription tiers: 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months, providing flexibility in commitment. Moreover, those on the fence can take advantage of Quazel’s free trial, allowing them to experience the app’s benefits firsthand before diving in.

In conclusion, Quazel is not just another app in the crowded marketplace of language learning tools. It’s a trailblazer, leveraging the power of AI to offer students a dynamic, cost-effective, and immersive language learning experience. With 21 supported languages, real-world applications, and a supportive community on Discord, Quazel is poised to redefine how we learn languages in the digital age.

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