Apple has launched a new Math Notes app on iPadOS 18, and it promises to make solving math problems as easy as writing a note.

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Key Takeaways

  • Apple Math Notes integrates with the Calculator app for seamless math problem-solving.
  • Users can write or type equations, get instant answers, and visualize problems with graphs.
  • Math Notes saves all calculations in the Notes app, making them easy to access and organize.

If you had trouble doing math before, you can forget about it now. With the recent update from Apple, you can get a personal math assistant right in the palm of your hand. Powered by Apple Intelligence, Apple Math Notes in iPadOS 18 makes math easier and more intuitive than ever before. According to Dataconomy,

“Apple Math Notes is a groundbreaking feature introduced in iPadOS 18, designed to revolutionize the way users engage with mathematical concepts on their iPads.”

Seamless Integration and Instant Solutions

Apple Math Notes integrates seamlessly with the native Calculator app, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for both basic arithmetic and advanced mathematical computations. Users can write out math problems using the Apple Pencil or type them using the keyboard. As soon as the equation is complete, Math Notes provides the answer instantly. “It’s like having a super-fast calculator right at your fingertips,” says Fernando Silva from 9to5mac.

One of the standout features of Apple Math Notes is its ability to handle variables. Users can assign values to letters or symbols and see how the solutions change in real time. This is particularly useful for learning or experimenting with different scenarios. Moreover, Math Notes makes graphing more straightforward as well. Users can generate graphs with a tap, providing a visual representation of mathematical relationships. Dataconomy notes, “Just tap a button, and Math Notes will draw a graph for you.”

How to Use Apple Math Notes

Aside from its usefulness, Apple Math Notes is also very simple to manage. Open the Calculator app on your iPad, use the Apple Pencil or keyboard to write or type the mathematical expression, and the app will recognize and solve it instantly. For equations involving variables, users can assign values to see how the solutions change. To visualize equations, tapping the appropriate button generates a graph, making it easy to understand the mathematical relationships.

Additionally, all math notes are automatically saved in the Notes app under a dedicated folder. This feature allows users to easily organize, access, and review their calculations whenever needed. If you need to revisit or edit your math notes, you can open the Notes app, locate the folder, and make the necessary adjustments.

The Revolution of Apple’s Notes App

The integration of Math Notes is part of a broader update to the Notes app in iPadOS 18, which includes new features like collapsible sections, colorful highlights, and live audio transcription. These updates aim to improve the app’s usability and functionality, making it a more powerful tool for users. “Apple Notes has grown into one of Apple’s most powerful, versatile apps on its platforms,” says 9to5mac.


Apple Math Notes in iPadOS 18 is set to transform the way users approach math on their iPads. With features that simplify complex calculations, offer real-time solutions, and provide visual aids, Apple Math Notes is an invaluable tool for students, educators, and anyone looking to make math more accessible and engaging.

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