The latest version of OpenAI’s language model, GPT-4o, has generated significant excitement. With its improved speed and advanced features, Reddit users are buzzing with creative ideas for integrating this AI chatbot into their daily routines.

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Key Takeaways

  • GPT-4o can be seamlessly integrated into daily routines, assisting with tasks like meal planning, grocery shopping, and organizing playtime with kids.
  • This AI tool improves productivity by helping with business emails, financial calculations, meeting summaries, note-taking, and studying, making work and academic tasks more efficient.
  • GPT-4o aids in clear and effective communication, resolving conflicts, and maintaining civility in emotionally charged situations, enhancing personal and professional interactions.

By now, it’s clear that AI can quickly find and analyze information. Beyond that, it has proven helpful for idea generation, writing improvement, research, and content creation. However, the question remains: how can AI be integrated into our daily routines? Maybe it can be used for shopping sprees or organizing playtime with kids. The potential applications of AI in everyday life are vast and intriguing. Reddit users have recently taken to sharing their inventive uses of GPT-4o, starting with the OP who found a way to apply this new technology to improve their grocery shopping experience.

Extra Reading and Writing Assistance

ChatgPT could write a text or help summarize it even before the launch of its 4o version. However, the new upgrade seems to have given people an option to use those capabilities in completely different ways.

For example, let’s imagine you have a word on the tip of your tongue but can’t quite remember it. We suppose there’s even no need to imagine since this happens to almost everybody. So yeah, this one user found a way out of this horrible situation.

“I use it when there’s a word on the tip of my tongue I can’t quite think of. It always figures it out if I describe it well enough.”

Useful, right? Wait, there’s more. Do you like reading the news? Maybe you don’t but still want to stay updated on the recent happenings? Well then, this Redditor says that GPT-4o can help with that.

“I started using it for reading newspapers. It’s awesome. So I attach a PDF of the WSJ and ask it to summarize and give me the headlines, and I dig deep into each article, asking it questions if there is something I don’t understand.”

And if these use cases seem to be not as revolutionary, how about this one: using ChatgPT to preserve personal history? Remember all those handwritten letters your relatives tend to show you at gatherings? Those can be transcripted to a clearer text and therefore saved for future generations.

“I took pictures of handwritten letters my grandparents sent me from years back that were written in chicken scratch cursive, and it transcribed them perfectly.”

Think about what reading and writing tasks you deal with in your life. Maybe you will find a new way to address them now, thanks to GPT-4o.

Simplifying Home and Routine Tasks

If you didn’t ever think that AI would help you with cooking and everyday budgeting, then think again. Because this is what many Reddit users have been using GPT 4o for.

One Reddit user decided to end their struggle with keeping all the ingredients in mind when reading a recipe. So, they decided to delegate that task to ChatGPT asking it to generate shopping lists based on the recipes they give it. Another couple of Redditors decided that meal prepping could also become much easier and more pleasant if they didn’t have to be the ones doing all the thinking.

“I ask it to suggest me meals based on my general requirements and to avoid specific foods I don’t eat. It then gives me a list of meals and I get it to give me the recipes for the ones I want, then generate me a shopping list.”

The second user though decided to take it up a notch and also ask ChatGPT to help budget everything they need to buy.

“I also generate recipes fitting my diet, make a shopping list out of it but also ask CharGPT to budget for me: I ask it to estimate the prices for all things according to my region and chain I’m visiting and then ask it to make adjustments to the recipes to get my groceries for cheaper. So far it’s done a pretty amazing job with that!”

For those who prefer a more organized approach to cooking, another user shared how they manage their pantry:

I have a chat thread in which it stores my pantry, fridge, and freezer ingredients. I update it when I shop and ask it to write recipes based on what’s in my pantry.

This level of organization extends to real-time cooking assistance too. One user described their experience

byu/Psychological_Dog992 from discussion

Those of you who hate thinking about what to eat, or don’t really like creating grocery lists know what to do now. Just let AI do it for you.

Finding Entertainment and Leisure Options with AI

Nonetheless, doing mundane tasks and reading is not all that life is. We also have to think about how to spend time with our families and friends. Here, AI can also become a helpful assistant. For instance, creating bedtime stories for kids has never been easier. One Reddit user shared,

“It’s great for coming up with and reading bedtime stories for kids. Give it any random idea or scenario, and it can come up with a cohesive story.”

And it is not the only instance either. Another parent shared, that their kid started interacting with ChatGPT on their own

byu/Psychological_Dog992 from discussion

So yeah, parents, take notes, as ChatGPT can actually help to personalize stories with your children’s names and interests, making bedtime more enjoyable.

For gamers, GPT-4o offers a unique way to dive deeper into their favorite games. One user uses it to explore game lore:

“I play a video game called Darkest Dungeon 2 and use ChatGPT to research all the lore, write fictional narratives, and discuss the main themes of the game.”

Even social activities like trivia nights benefit from GPT-4o’s capabilities. A Redditor explained how they prepare for such gatherings:

“I use it to help me build my weekly trivia night. It helps generate the answer key, develop questions, and suggest context for the picture and audio rounds.”

So, if you were the one who always wanted to hold a trivia night but didn’t particularly enjoy the idea of organizing everything, this is your sign to turn to ChatGPT and make your dreams come true.

Work and Productivity Improvements

Many people are probably already using ChatGPT to streamline their work process and deal with task overload. When reading through the Reddit post comments, we found a few extra ways of using ChatGPT for productivity purposes.

🧑‍💻Many Reddit users highlight how it streamlines various tasks, starting with business communication.

“Helps me write business emails, figure out financial calculations for paying off my mortgage, and plan my work/home schedule.”

📋Meeting summaries are another area where GPT-4o excels.

“I wanted to automatically summarize my work conference calls without an AI assistant. It walked me through writing a program for that.”

By the way, summarization is a key feature that many users appreciate. One Redditor uses it to manage lengthy work communications:

“I feed it long tedious work emails and have it summarize them down to just a few sentences. And then I will write a response and have it expand it into a couple of paragraphs.”

✍️For students, GPT-4o has become an invaluable tool for note-taking and studying.

“As a college student, I use it for taking notes and studying. It’s been really helpful for organizing information from multiple sources.”

Based on these examples, we can surely say that GPT-4o can significantly raise productivity in various professional and academic settings, making tasks like email writing, financial planning, meeting summaries, and studying more efficient and manageable.

AI for Communication and Relationship Management? Sign Us Up!

Nowadays, we mostly communicate through text messages. Even when chatting with AI we use words that can’t really transmit our emotions that much. Therefore, a lot of messages end up having secret meanings or do not serve the purpose they were written for. Now, with GPT-4o in your hands, you can actually improve your text communication skills.

Handling sensitive conversations and resolving conflicts can be challenging, but GPT-4o offers innovative solutions to these common problems. One Reddit user shared how it helps decode complex messages from a difficult relationship:

“Used it to find the hidden meaning in text messages from my ex-wife! Somehow ChatGPT can interpret the crazy sh*t she’s typing! it’s been a godsend. I use chat GTP’s analysis of the text message conversation to minimise conflict and misunderstanding.”

Clear communication is important, especially in emotionally charged situations. Another user found GPT-4o invaluable for maintaining civility in family disputes

“I have an ongoing dispute with my Sister. I put in all my anger in my messages and then let it rephrase the communication nicely. Works great. I also let it analyse my sisters messages. It really helps to reduce the emotional stress.”

This approach helps reduce emotional stress and promotes healthier interactions. According to both these comments, the current language models we have can facilitate better communication and conflict resolution, proving themselves to be essential tools for managing relationships with clarity and empathy.


What can we say, GPT-4o is totally revolutionizing how we approach everyday tasks, from reading and writing to home management, entertainment, and even communication. Reddit users have shared numerous inventive ways to integrate this powerful AI into their daily routines, making complex tasks simpler and more manageable. Its ability to enhance productivity and improve various aspects of our lives is truly impressive. So, why not explore these possibilities yourself? Embrace the power of GPT-4o and see how it can transform your everyday life.

Reddit Shares Everyday Uses for Latest GPT-4o Version
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