Textero.ai, one of the best AI essay writers according to the A*Help score, introduces an updated version of the product – Textero.ai v.2.0. Now, it has become a full-fledged AI Research Assistant. 

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The goal of new features is to make studying a smooth ride on the highway of academics. Textero v.2.0. is here to boost traditional academic tasks, such as searching for sources, text editing, generating ideas for papers, and the overall research process.

In the buzz of AI essay generators and other advanced tools that are emerging daily, Textero.ai is taking a step forward to be a more effective service. Students are hooked on AI but they struggle with putting it to a better use. Textero.ai v.2.0. gets the agenda and fills in the blanks for all academic questions and sorts out any educational issues. 

In simple words, Textero.ai v.2.0. veers off the standard AI essay writer path and transforms itself into a more versatile tool. Upgraded to AI research assistant, the service helps students find relevant sources, get smart recommendations on any essay topic, and edit drafts. Bonus: Textero.ai expanded the source base with 214 million sources available. 

Additionally, with the improved “Ask AI” feature, users can get answers to their specific queries, and browse through scholarly sources and relevant academic recommendations. Moreover, Textero.ai allows learners to upload their own library. Having finished the research, export your findings into Google Docs.

Anyone can start writing better and faster for free with this tool. To get more value and make the research process more efficient, take a look at the subscription plan that comes in $19.99 per month.

Here are more insights from the founder of Textero.ai, Nick Yasynskyi:

“With our updated version of Textero.ai, users can generate content, discover accurate materials, and paraphrase and rewrite any text, making it an all-encompassing assistant for your writing needs. With features like the AI Research Assistant, AI Inspiration Assistant, and Relevant Source Finder, Textero.ai is equipped to make the writing process smoother and more efficient.”

About Textero.ai

Textero.ai started as an AI text generator in 2023. Over the past seven months, the service has gained more than 150,000 users. Textero.ai is widely used by students and creators to overcome writer’s block, simplify a research process, and improve papers with the power of AI. 


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